Our New Forest Holiday, Summer 2017

So... yep, we've been on holiday again!  A week in and around the New Forest, with lots of animals, lots of walking, plenty of play, and lots and lots of fun.  First stop was Hatchet Pond where we saw donkeys, foals, cows, calves, swans, cygnets and a few ponies.  Tatiana shared her ice cream with a donkey (yuck!), and Lara paddled.  She was all for putting her swimming costume on and wild swimming, but we managed to dissuade her.

Tatiana's dress c/o Olive & Moss

Next stop, East Boldre for a water top up from the shop, where we spotted these ponies waiting at the bus stop then on to the playground for a picnic and play.

The girls were beside themselves when we arrived at our holiday site and spotted resident mascot Cybil the Squirrel waiting for them. Very exciting!

The following day was spent on site, enjoying the outdoor swimming pools (only ones there!) and playgrounds, and the next day we headed to the beach.  Unfortunately, I'd managed to forget the spare camera battery and the charger, so had to pop home to collect those - the joy of holidaying only an hour away! Luckily, we were fully camera-d up for a day at Paulton's Park/Peppa Pig World.

The two mini thrill seekers loved the junior rollercoaster, whilst Lara opted for the more sedate train ride next to it.

Then we had several rides on the carousel, swapping from one horse to another.

Tatiana's dress c/o George at Asda

Viking boats and Jumpin' Jack next...

Steve's hoodie c/o Weird Fish

Then into Peppa Pig World, first stop the splash park before lunch:

Lara's sunsuit c/o Platypus 

Sophia talked herself into going on the high water chute ride, and was SO proud of herself after she had done it.  Tatiana went on twice!

After lunch Peppa Pig World started to empty a bit (most people go there first, so it is always quieter later in the day), so went on all the rides (a number of times), and finally emerged at closing time tired but delighted with their day out.

We slept late the next morning, then went to lovely Avon Beach where we had a huge water fight (not laughed so much for ages!), built sandcastles, and had lots of fun.

Extra large picnic blanket c/o Halfords

Tatiana spent lots of time perfecting her colouring and Lara spent ages making a little 'newspaper'.

On the Saturday we walked through woodland and along the banks of a stream into the village.  The woodland was beautiful with lots to explore and discover and the miles passed easily.

We stopped at a pub in the village for lunch, where Lara quickly found new friends to play with, then visited the charity shop to pick up a couple of bargain books, and then the sweet shop for 'pudding'.  We walked down to the beach, had another play in the little playground there, and then walked back along the cliffs.  It was such a beautiful day, and the views are stunning.

Back at the site it was time for another ice cream and then a barbecue.

A quick visit to a car boot sale then back to the outdoor pool on the Sunday, busier now, for a long afternoon of splashing, swimming, picnic and fun.

Sophia had bought herself a vacuum cleaner at the car boot sale, so went round doing room service when we got back, before dressing up in their beautiful swan dresses for the evening's dinner and play.

On the way home we visited a farm we go to often and enjoyed meeting lots of animals during the day, including an adorable baby alpaca who looked like a teddy bear.

Tatiana hadn't quite registered we were coming home after the farm and was absolutely distraught in the car when she realised we were driving home and not back to the holiday.  Poor little thing.

Best plan another holiday very soon!!

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