Our Unschooled Week #18

This week has just flown by with a visit from the girls beloved Godfather and lots of fun activities.  We started the week looking at classic and vintage cars in the local park.  There were all sorts there from real vintage rust buckets (literally) to 1970s and '80s classics like a shiny Ford Cortina and even a Back to the Future DeLorean.

The girls loved looking at all the different cars and their various colours and decorations.  Lara was particularly fascinated by this front-opening Isetta with its single seat belt-free seat and steering wheel on a stick.

On the far side of the park there were a few fairground rides, bouncy castle etc and some stalls.  The girls tried their luck at the tombola, went for a ride on the roundabout, and made some bookmarks at our church's stall.

Sophia and Tatiana were drawn to the bubble man who was making bigger and bigger bubbles with a bucket of fairy liquid and an assortment of sticks and ropes.  Tatiana, insistent on dressing herself now, looked very cute in her back-to-front top and tutu clutching the teddy she had won on the tombola.

After some running, climbing and swinging we walked down to the beach and played in front of the beach huts then had ice creams.  On the way was a gorgeous wildflower meadow which looks even better than last year after all its self-seeding.

The next day we were anxiously awaiting Paul's arrival so scooted along the sea front, went to the 'beach on the beach' sand pit, then walked up to the station to meet him.  The girls were so excited - me too!

We spent some time in the park, although found that the café closes on a Monday evening (grr), then headed home to get out masses of toys and admire the bees enjoying the agapanthus on the balcony.

On Tuesday we went to not one but two splash parks, and the adjoining playground.  We also disocovered the lovely little Portsmouth Natural History Museum in Southsea for the first time.

The girls thought the swans coming out of the boating lake to drink from the water bowl intended for dogs was hilarious.

The Natural History Museum was great.  The girls loved the microscopes, the underlight for looking at animal x-rays, and the array of stuffed animals.  I learnt that moles and duck-billed platypus are both smaller than I thought they were, a classic example of you learn something new every day!

Sophia had been stung by a bee a couple of days before (quickly dealt with after a couple of doses of homeopathic Apis and application of bicarb paste), so was fascinated to see the stinging end of a bee under the microscope.

The iguanadon model was a big hit with Tatiana who keeps asking if we can go back to see it again, and there was lots of information about fossils and rock strata to look at.

A treat awaited now bee-fascinated Sophia, a glassed over apiary where you could see the bees working away.  A new butterfly house will be completed soon so we will certainly be coming back.  Free entry too!

Consolidating learning about frog life cycles in a puzzle

Back home we rustled up a quick dinner, then went for a walk along the sea front, with a quick stop in the playground.

The next morning we headed over to the New Forest, but unfortunately the weather was a bit grim: windy and drizzly.  We stopped at the lake for a bit, but then opted to admire the forest and the ponies from the warm during our car-nic.

In Lymington we ignored the drizzle and slight chill and had ice creams anyway, playing on the quay for a while.  The grown-ups had hot drinks, and Tatia shared my tea after her ice cream to warm up!

The girls took about 300 photos with Paul's phone and he had loads to delete - oops.

We headed down to the sea front at Milford-on-Sea later where Tatiana and Sophia had a scoot along.  Lara opted to stay in the warmth of the car with Steve.  A real contrast to our last visit in the bright hot sunshine!

We headed to our favourite holiday destination for a play and to have dinner, as the girls have been so desperate to show Paul around there.

Steve spotted this lovely Green Lacewing, which the girls have been asking more about today so we have looked up all about their life cycle and use as pest control in the garden.

Tatiana even got to see her beloved Cybil the Squirrel.

Back to the playground to play trains before heading home.

We had a quieter day on Thursday, playing and hanging out in the morning, with Lara practicing her photography skills and get a nice shot of Jess and this funny close up of Sophia.

Paul taught the girls how to make vegan sushi for lunch, and Sophia terrified impressed him with her knife skills.  They enjoyed the fruits of their labours before we headed to Bosham harbour for the afternoon.

At Bosham we ate ice creams, admired the flowers, scooted some more, sheltered from the brisk wind, and looked around the church again.

We discovered a new playing fields and playground with lots to do.  We had a lovely dinner picnic and scooted, played hopscotch, kicked a ball around, played piggy in the middle and scooted some more.

Paul went home yesterday, so we had lots of upset cuddles and watched some TV.  When Steve got home we played outside and got the scooters out again (theme of the week!), then had an early dinner and bed.  Today has been quite quiet too, just reacquainting themselves with their toys, watching a couple of documentaries about insects and hanging out.  Then we need to get ready for our next lot of visitors!

Hope you've had a good week. Lx

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