Our Unschooled Week #19

Despite the crazy weather (where's summer gone?!), we had a lovely week with our second round of visitors.  Scooters continue to be the essential accessory every time we go out, and the girls loved scooting along the prom with Connor and Lewis this week.  There were stops to skim stones, examine shells, and just gaze at the sea.  Spot the tiny Connor in photo 3!

Lara is continuing her self-taught photography course, and took some great photos of the sea, and some very cute selfies.  (She also took lots of photos of the inside of her mouth, but I'll spare you those! 😨)

Tatiana found her scooter helmet again and insisted on wearing it all the time, everywhere.  Just as well when she's doing scary climbing like this, maybe!

We played at the park till past dinner time, although it was a bit much in the end for some people.

The next morning a long, complicated LEGO game continued, then we headed out to the splash park for a picnic and play.  Sophia and Tatiana were keen to share their picnic with every bird they could find, and were happy to spot pigeons, male and female starlings, sparrows, great tits and a thrush.

An evening scoot was fun until Lara came off and lost most of the skin on her knee, but was very brave about it.  Tatiana was keen to dress up for the scooting adventure, in yet another tutu combo!  There's definitely a theme of the month.

On Wednesday, with the drizzle pouring, the grown-ups gossiped and drank tea while the LEGO game continued and then a Star Wars and Doctor Who one began.  We headed out for lunch at a place with a small soft play area, where Sophia made friends with a couple of little girls, then came home and had a quiet evening of tidying and sorting out.

On Thursday we headed up to Crawley to see The Wiggles on their all too brief UK tour.  We stopped at beautiful Buchan Park for lunch, an easy bought sandwich version as I had run out of energy for creating exciting picnics after weeks and weeks of them!  Hopefully my picnic mojo will return before the weather gets better again!

The girls (and me) were so excited about seeing The Wiggles, having been fans for years, and they didn't disappoint.  Captain Feathersword (a younger version anyway), Dorothy the Dinosaur, Henry the Octopus and Wags the Dog had all made the epic journey, as well as Anthony, Lachlan, Simon and Emma, of course.

Tatiana was beside herself when Simon came up to the circle, although he remains her second favourite after 'The Girl Wiggle', Emma.  She keeps asking when we can see them again as it was 'the best day ever!'.

Steve finally did a day's work on Friday and the drizzle continued on and off so we played Shopkins, Lara took photos of poor Taya in summer garb, and we watched some TV.  The girls loved The British Garden: Life and Death on Your Lawn on BBC iPlayer and we all learnt loads about just how many species there are in our backyards.  Lara declared Chris Packham her new best friend when I told her he has Aspergers too.  It's so important for her to recognise that her condition doesn't come with limitations, just occasional irritations.

This morning the weather was a bit brighter, so Steve took Sophia and Tatiana to the beach while I worked and Lara built an elaborate LEGO construction.  They had a lovely time and made it home before the rain started again.  Hopefully the weather will be better next week!

Hope you're keeping dry.  See you next week! Lx

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