Summer Holiday Essentials: Home or Away, Part 2

Following on from the first part of our holiday essentials guide, here are all the other things you need this summer, whether you are staying at home or are off on your travels.  Happy holidays!

Beauty & Skincare

Add the Dorco Classic razor for him and for her to your grooming routine and see what a difference it will make.  The Dorco Classic razor has seven precision-aligned blades, and is now available in the UK for the Ultimate Shave.  Dorco Pace 6 Plus (mens) and Eve 6 (womens) razors offer a close and comfortable shave and the incredible angulated blade technology used in the Dorco Classic gives slimmer, denser blades to reduce skin irritation.  With an open structure to enable easy rinsing, ergonomic handle, pivoting head and soft rubber guard bar, this is the perfect addition to your wash bag this summer.

For younger members of the family try Emma Bunton’s new eco-friendly family brand Kit & Kin.  Offering safe, eco-friendly products at affordable prices Kit & Kin offers bio-degradable nappies as well as lovely nourishing and natural skincare products for baby, including hair & body wash, body oil, bubble bath and magic salve, as well as breast balm and stretch mark oil for mums.  The natural range is certified as cruelty-free by PETA, and they are working with the World Land Trust to help fund and protect acres of tropical rainforest.

For children's soft hair the new Tangle Angel Baby keyring brush is perfect, it works to release any tangles softly and gently, doesn't tug and looks SO cute!  (It's perfect for dollies' hair too.)   These little keyring brushes are great fun and ideal for kids' rucksacks and holiday packing.  The original Tangle Angel for grown-ups will make a useful addition to your own bag as it can be used in wet or dry hair. is suitable for all hair types, antibacterial and heat resistant.

Institut Esthederm Cellular Concentrate Serum is a universal serum suitable for all skin types that boosts skin's radiance, translucency, strength and appearance.  With 28 days use there is a significant improvement in moisture levels, sensitivity, firmness, and skin texture.  By improving skin cell function it makes them more receptive to other treatments or can be used alone to give skin a healthy boost.  Skin is replenished and strengthened, for lasting results and improved appearance.

Another essential for your bag, especially if going to hotter climes, is the Bioderma Photoderm Kid Sun Foam SPF50+.   Offering very high sun protection for young skin, it's ideal for face and body and protects against UVA/UVB rays for optimal protection against the negative effects of UV.  It is also highly water resisitant so you don't have to re-apply constantly, or worry about them being in the water too long.  In handy foam form, this fragrance-free, paraben-free, non comedogenic and hypoallergenic format is ideal for children of all ages.


Most of us are more inclined to take vitamins and supplements during the winter, but there are many reasons to add supplements to your diet during the summer too.  Indigo Nutrition has everything you could need, including Organic Spirulina Tablets, a complete multi-vitamin and mineral all rounder.  Packed with all the essential amino acids, all the B vitamins and plenty of detoxifying anti-oxidants, blue-green edible algae Spirulina is a must for all your summer holiday adventures.  Organic Coconut Oil can be used for cooking or to protect skin and hair against sun damage, and to help heal any sore skin patches, or sea-damaged hair.

We never travel without a bottle of lavender oil, the number one healer for burns, including sunburn.  It is also ideal for sprinkling around hotel rooms and on the pillow (or on the plane) can help calm anxiety and aid a good night's sleep.  A must-have for your first aid kit.  Finally, pack a bottle of Golden Seal Tincture, Nature’s own anti-biotic.  This herb is anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory, helping fight against common illnesses, a must-have for the first aid kit at home and on holiday.

For itchy skin, try Hope's Relief Topical Spray.  This fast-acting spray is perfect for dry, itchy skin and has an instantly cooling, moisturising and calming effect.  In a gentle spray it is easy to use and has a 'no touch - no ouch' application ideal for children.  Containing liquid moisturisers which help skin's own healing process it soothes itching instantly and is a natural formula with no nasties, making it safe for babies and the rest of the family too.  Ideal for itchy summer skin conditions like prickly heat, bites, rashes, eczema, and irritated skin.  Available from Wholefoods, Revital, Panacea, health stores, pharmacies, Amazon and

Westlab Kids Dead Sea Salts are another great way to nourish the skin and prevent itching.  This nourishing bath soak can really hep reduce red, sore skin and stop the itch/scratch cycle of irritated skin.  It's perfect for skin that’s been dried out by the sun and to take the itch out of those mosquito bites.  It can also really help over-excited little ones get to sleep since it’s packed with miracle mineral Magnesium, which supports a healthy, deep sleep – it could be a lifesaver for pre-holiday excitement!


For children learning to swim, the Aquaplane invented by swimming instructor Chris Shore is the perfect aid.  Suitable for beginners as well as those progressing through the levels of swimming, it straps to the child's back allowing them to stretch out their arms and achieve the correct swimming position naturally and easily in the water.  At the later stages of development it can also be used as a kick board to enhance stroke development.  Aquaplane is suitable for children aged from 3 upwards and is available in a variety of colours from

For fun out of the water, kids will love the KD Kurio Watch.  The first fully-featured Smart Watch built for kids, the Kurio Watch is the ultimate adult tech for children that offers gaming, education and social communication through a multi-functional touch screen.  The technology allows multi-player gaming via Bluetooth within a 20 meter radius, and the watch comes with over 20 pre-loaded apps to choose from.

The child can customise the interface, use the fitted activity tracker, take selfies using the forward facing camera, listen to music and send messages to their friends via text, photos, emoji, drawings and voice. Available in blue and pink the KD Kurio Smartwatch features an SD card slot giving users the option to add up to 32GB of additional memory.

Getting young girls into science and interested in STEM subjects is vital and the Netflix original show Project Mc2 aims to do just that.  Now the Project Mc2 girls are back with brand new experiments!  Create your own Gummies with Adrienne Attoms, design amazing tie-dye with Camryn Coyle, and create glitter tattoos with Ember Evergreen.  Widely available, each doll comes with everything needed for her experiment.  Widely available form all good retailers, Project Mc2 dolls promote STEAM subjects and show young girls that Smart Is Cool.

For dressing up or special parties, the beautiful girls party shoes from The Sparkle Club are hard to beat.  Sophia received the Evelyn and has worn them every day since!  Made by a family run business in operation for nearly a century, the shoes are all exclusively designed and sourced and only available online.  The pretty, sparkly shoes are every little girl's dream and available in colours to suit all tastes.  We love the new pink and pastel summer range, especially the pretty Evelyn.  Bag and shoe sets are also available, and the shoes are available as heels, flats and in a variety of styles.

New from LEGO this summer is a host of additions to the LEGO Elves range.  We received #41182 The Capture of Sophie Jones and Lara lost no time in putting it together.  Based in the magical world of Elvendale, the LEGO Elves Azari, Farran, Naida and Aira are now under attack by the King Goblin.  Emily Jones's little sister Sophie has followed her through the portal to the magical kingdom and been captured by the evil Goblin King and his mischievous goblins.  The LEGO Elves must unite their magic and go on a dangerous mission to search for Sophie and to recover Emily’s precious Amulet which has been stolen.

In this set Sophie Jones is captured whilst browsing Mr Spry's grocery store.  Beware of the goblin spying on her who, mistaking her for Sophie, speeds in on its capture-mobile. Will Barblin capture Sophie and take her to the Goblin King? That's up to you!

If you're looking for entertainment for all the family, the range from University Games has lots of options.  We love 5 Second Rule Jr., a quick-thinking fast game which will unleash everyone's competitive side.  Suitable for ages 5+, we have been playing an adapted version in teams so everyone can join in and the girls love it.  Given a category, players have to answer with the first three words that come to mind before the 5 second timer is up.  Available from Argos and Amazon.

For older children, Word Has It! is a great way to challenge the wordsmiths in the family to build a word as tall as possible as fast as possible.  'It's race at great speed... the tallest word is what you need!'  Suitbale for ages 7+ and for 2 - 4players, Word Has It! is available from Amazon.


Finally, on a practical note, all that baby dribble is a sure-fire way to get sore faces this summer.  The Zippy Bandana Dribble Bibs from Milo and Matilda look great, are comfortable on, and absorb a lot of dribble or possetting.  Perfect for babies who are teething or just dribble a lot in all their excitement.  Ideal for all day use on holiday, the bibs have a super soft cotton top layer, a gathered neck to catch all the dribble and stop any of that dreaded dribble rash, and an absorbent fleece below which keeps baby and their clothes dry all day long. With two snap fastenings, the bibs fit from newborn to 2 years, the bibs are available in a variety of designs to match little ones' holiday style.

Happy holidays everyone!

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