The British Cyclists Survey

Thirty or forty years ago cycling was quite a niche hobby, and had a slightly geeky reputation, or was simply something you did to get from A to B if you didn't have a car.  Cycling to work was virtually unheard of, at least beyond the countryside, and the car was king.  Fast forward through the years and cycling is cool, environmentally responsible, and downright enjoyable.  Whether you consider it a sport, exercise, fun, or a means to an end, bike ownership is growing fast.  In fact, in the first few years of the current decade more than 100,000 more cyclists took to the rode on a regular basis*.  Cycling is here to stay.

According to a new survey conducted by Cycle Republic, our bikes are now an essential part of the daily routine, as well as a great source of pleasure.  So just why do the great British public love to cycle?  500 cyclists across the country were consulted, offering their opinion on why they ride, how safe they feel, what equipment they use, and how good the facilities available to them are.  You can find the full results of the British Cyclists' Survey below.

The British Cyclists' Survey - Infographic

* Source: British Cycling

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