3 Fun Family Activities That Can Make the World a Better Place

Did you know you and your family could help make the world a better place? There are a number of fun, exciting activities that you and your little ones can get stuck into, all the while having a positive impact on the planet. Here are three ideas to get you started.

1. Get involved in a family fundraising event

All over the world, there are millions of people living in poverty, meaning that every day is a real struggle. Even though you and your brood might be far away from the problem itself, there’s no reason why you can’t offer your time to a worthwhile cause, such as by getting involved in a fundraising event. In doing so, your family could make a difference to suffering men, women and children across the globe.

You could sign up to an organised event, or you might want to take matters into your own hands and arrange something yourself. Whether you plan a bake sale, car wash or talent show, there are a number of ways you can raise money for charity. You’ll then be able to donate the money you collect to a cause that resonates with you and your family. For example, humanitarian charity Human Appeal supports a number of children’s projects, including its orphanage and education campaigns.

2. Organise an ethical holiday

Next time you’re thinking of jetting off with your brood in tow, you could swap your usual vacation for something more ethical. Ecotourism attempts to reduce the impact that your holiday has on the planet, from the method of transport you use to the type of accommodation you stay in. The growth of tourism in some parts of the world means that local businesses and ecosystems are starting to suffer, so by being a little more conscious about where and how you holiday, you can help to protect our planet and its people.

There are a number of ways that you and your family can enjoy your holiday while also being mindful of your surroundings. For example, you could try extra hard to keep on top of your water usage by having quick showers and not leaving taps running. You could also choose to spend your money locally, such as by using local guides, staying in family-owned hotels and buying local produce

You could even book an all-out ethical holiday. There are many tour operators that support local communities by offering environmentally friendly vacation packages, from eco-chic hideaways in the Bahamas to family-run resorts in Sri Lanka. You can find out more information online.

3. Get crafty with upcycling

Let’s face it - kids love to get crafty, so why not embark on a creative project as a family? Before you reach for your art supplies though, you could choose to get stuck into something a little more imaginative, such as furniture upcycling. Aside from being a popular decor trend, this activity means you’re not having to splash out on pricey materials that could be potentially damaging to the environment, such as glues filled with harmful chemicals and stacks of paper that will most likely end up in the bin. Instead, you could pick a piece of furniture from your home to repurpose, employing your little ones to help you along the way.

If your children are too young to get heavily involved in the upcycling process, you could dedicate simple, easy tasks to them. For example, if you decide to refurbish an old dining room chair, you could let them choose the type of fabric to cover the seat with, or if you’re repainting a tatty chest of drawers, you could ask them to pick out the paint colour - being careful to go for non-toxic products, of course.

Examples like these show that you can combine good old-fashioned family fun with helping to improve the world around you.

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