Review: Pizza Spinaci by Dr Oetker Ristorante

Like most kids, our girls all LOVE pizza.  I think Lara would eat nothing but most of the time, in fact!  Their absolute favourite pizza variety at home is Dr Oetker Ristorante, which has a thin, crisp base and tasty toppings.  Much as we love the other veggie varieties (especially garlic mushroom!), we were delighted to hear that their Ristorante Pizza Spinaci flavour is back after a concerted campaign by fans.

For us, frozen pizza is a bit of a go to after a big day out or when we get back from holidays or weekends away.  When time is limited and small tummies are very hungry, we just add some raw veggies on the side and a big bowl of salad on the table, and we're good to go.

Dr Oetker Pizza Ristorante, the UK’s no. 1 thin and crispy frozen pizza brand, originally launched Pizza Spinaci as a limited edition variety in 2013, to much acclaim.  Since the promotional period ended, fans have continually requested the return of Ristorante Pizza Spinaci through the brand’s social media and customer service channels.  Who can resist keeping the customers happy?  So Dr Oetker have revived the variety pizza fans so desperately crave.

In Pizza Spinaci, the one-of-a-kind thin and crispy base (seriously, how do they do that?) is topped with Ristorante's signature sauce, extra swirls of delicious garlic sauce, mozzarella and leafy spinach.  It is the perfect choice for a simple and delicious vegetarian dinner, and ideal for family nights in.  Dr Oetker pizza is one of the components of our infamous 'party tea', perfect for special occasions, or family film or games nights.

We recently sampled the new-not-new pizza, and the girls loved it!  Even cooked greens-phobic Lara tried a bit and said it was yummy.  Sophia and Lara tucked in with gusto, especially Tatia who could quite happily work her way through half a bag of baby spinach on her own!

By returning Ristorante Pizza Spinaci to their menu of varieties, Dr Oetker are showing their commitment to their fans, and adding another great vegetarian pizza to the range.  Even anti-spinach folk will become fans of this delicious pizza.

Dr. Oetker Ristorante offers a menu of 11 delicious varieties, available from all major supermarket freezers.  All use that delicious thin and crispy base, and are topped with mouth-watering toppings made from only the finest quality ingredients.  Different varieties are available from different retailers, RRP £2.99.  There are even gluten-free varieties available.

Dr. Oetker Ristorante Pizza Spinaci is available now in selected Asda stores.

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