Our Unschooled Fortnight #25

Oh dear, not only have I been slack with writing over the past couple of weeks, I have also forgotten to take the camera with me most of the time, or even to take many pics at home.  But here are a few photos that sum up our past fortnight...

Tatiana's Transformers Rescue Bot

At home, we've been making food for dolls, painting, crafting, cooking, making pottery, painting and decorating nails, and have re-started some formal learning.  Lara would rather spend her time doing the former than the latter, but will get her head down some of the time.  Sophia loves it all, and Tatia will sit for a few minutes and do some bits and bobs.

Out and about, we've been to soft play a few times, on various walks, to the woods, assorted playgrounds and did an epic walk last weekend to Pagham, the kind of next major bit of beach along.  Unfortunately we managed to misread the tide timetable and couldn't go along the beach as far as we wanted, so did a lot of walking along roads instead.  The cafĂ© when we got there was most welcome!  Followed by freedom and fun on the beach.

On the way home (by bus!), we stopped in at the amusements there, which had some fantastically retro machines.

Dressing up has also featured heavily in our fortnight, with Elsa, and Angel and Alice in Wonderland being around the house almost constantly!

3 out of 5 of us have had a cold too, so there has been some major fruit and raw veg consumption going on!  This is the snack plate the girls rustled up a few days ago - yum!

Today we went to a Macmillan coffee morning at church, where the girls were surrounded by elderly ladies clucking over how pretty they are, how good their manners are, how interested in the world they are, etc.  Lara picked up a lovely vintage Capodimonte rose for Nanny for Christmas, and they won biscuits, chocolates and preserves on the tombola.  A very successful morning!

Will aim to create a better update next week, with order, photos and everything!  See you then, Lx

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