Our Unschooled Week #23

We've had a funny not back to school week, with some crazy moments, some more reflective ones, and lots of forward planning.  Monday was the craziest day, perhaps because the girls were anticipating everyone else clearing off back to school and having the world to themselves again, but not quite there yet.  Lara hasn't coped very well over the past couple of weeks and that has had a knock on effect on the rest of us.  Also, I was laid up with a severe bout of gastroenteritis for over a week so didn't do much.  Hopefully now everything will be getting back to normal!

Monday lunch was a huge pizza feast so Tatiana decided to dress up as Pizza Man in the boxes.  Apparently her super powers include making pizza, rescuing cats and the ability to fly.  We finished watching A History of Art in Three Colours on iPlayer which they were very engrossed in (See Sophia below, not sure why the hat!)  After that we looked at different styles of painting some more and did some colour mixing, before looking up various artists and periods of art history.

We were sent some Trolls dressing up bits by Now TV, so the girls had fun with those in the afternoon before we watched the Trolls movie after dinner.

Tuesday was our official NBTS day so we spent the day in the woods where we covered so much, including: animal tracks, leaf, seed and tree identification, climate change, the solar system, the Earth's orbit, seasons, how plants grow, seed dispersal, food chains, habitats, the eco system - and P.E. of course with all the running, jumping, climbing and swinging!  It was a great day.

We've chosen this tree to keep an eye on over the coming weeks, regularly taking photos to see how it changes as the season goes on.

After dinner we went out scooting but it rained so these soggy girls eventually gave in and we came home earlier than they wanted to.  I've still got my fingers crossed for an Indian summer though!

On Wednesday we watched episodes 1 & 2 of Lego Masters again, then the girls spent much of the day building and playing with a LEGO fairground.  It was really interesting to hear the co-operation and language they used while building.

Lara even made herself some LEGO necklaces and considered whether this could be a viable business.

On Thursday morning, Lara and Sophia spent ages designing their own computer and board games, discussing the rules for them, how to play, what they would look like etc.

Before lunch they used some of their saved snack foods to lay out a tea party on the table, and practiced all the manners and language they thin goes with having a formal tea party.  Very cute.

In the afternoon we went to the beach, then headed to Asda with all three of them clutching their saved up pocket money in hot little hands.  Lara chose some new Shopkins cars, and Sophia and Tatia went for PJ Masks Owlette and Catboy masks, then decided they needed a huge cuddly unicorn each too.  Would their budget stretch?

Me: "Tatiana, why do you want a unicorn?"

Tatia: "To love it."

Well, I did ask!  Bless her.  Look how happy she is with her purchases!

After a sandwich tea in the cafĂ© (a huge treat in their world!), we went to a favourite park with lake and playground on the way home.  Lara made friends with a lovely slightly older boy and played a 'brilliant game' of explorers, ending with a hug when they had to say goodbye.  Very cute.

Friday morning was all about animal classification, following a book they had been reading at bedtime the previous day.  We talked about the differences between mammals, insects, birds, reptiles etc, how species and genus are decided, habitats and animal needs.  We talked about mammals feeding milk to their young and how important colostrum is for early life.  The girls asked why humans wouldn't feed their own young if that's the case, and we are mammals.  Not sure I have an answer to that one!

In the afternoon, we played outside for a bit then took refuge from the rain and did some painting, putting into practice their colour mixing and art history/technique research from earlier in the week.

Today the girls spent the morning at the beach with Steve, while I worked, and investigated stones, shells, sand, mud and a wonderful shipwreck which emerges at low tide.

This afternoon was rainy (again!) so while I worked at Costa they built more LEGO, drew and watched TV, before making dinner with Steve.  After dinner we took a wander outside to admire the strange sunset and do some running and jumping.  Can't be cooped up inside for too long!

Hope you've had a good back to school, or not back to school, week! Lx

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