Save At Least £50 with a New Energy Switching Service that Will Save You Time AND Money

Finding the best energy prices and switching accordingly can be a nearly full-time job.  The prices seem to rise exponentially every few months, there are always newer and better deals on the market, and finding all of them, let alone the best ones, can seem like an impossible task.  It's no wonder nearly half of us Brits have never switched supplier.  Even the energy secretary admitted he has never switched!*  All that is about to change with a new energy switching service that continually switches providers and deals so that you are always on the best available one for you.

With new energy switching service Flipper, you could save £100s on your energy bills, and save time and your own energy, whilst having the peace of mind that Flipper is doing all the hard work for you.  Flipper is like your own personal energy detective, finding the best deal for you.  Unlike comparison sites and other similar services, which operate on a commission basis when you switch, Flipper works solely in the interests of its customers.

Throughout the year, Flipper will be working behind the scenes to seamlessly switch you on to the best energy deals, meaning you need never overpay for energy again.  With wholesale energy prices on an ever-upward spiral that shows little sign of peaking, despite the promised energy cap, we all need to start paying more attention to the prices we are being charged for gas and electricity.

Without going too Game of Thrones, winter is coming, and you can bet your bottom energy dollar (or pound) that those prices are going to go up again, just when we all use the most fuel.  In fact, it is estimated that we use as much as 70% of our annual gas usage during the winter months, so imagine what that's going to cost us all.  Electricity is even worse, especially since British Gas's 12.5% price rise announcement back in August.  It's going to be an expensive winter, unless we shop around.

A shocking 17 million British households refuse to switch energy deals regularly, yet many are on their supplier's costly 'standard variable tariff', and unnecessarily paying a fortune.  This is often because a great deal has ended and they haven't sought a new one.  This default rate is the most expensive on offer, and many householders don't even know they are on it, or getting such a poor deal.  But the energy market is actually highly competitive, so don't let fear, distrust, inertia, lack of understanding or lack of time put you off switching.  Let Flipper do the job for you, and just sit back and think about what you can spend all that extra cash on!

Whether you are coming to the end of a tie-in deal or not, Flipper can help.  Competitive tariffs are still available, but often only for a limited period and, unless you are checking energy prices and deals regularly, you are likely to miss them.  Not Flipper.  Working on your behalf, the unique algorithm is constantly seeking out the best deal for its customers, and making the switch to save you money.

Every month your use and rates will be checked and flipped if necessary, but Flipper will also keep an eye on your energy provider so, if they announce a price hike, you'll be flipped before it takes effect.  Flipper will also take into account any exit fees and discounts when calculating your savings, and will then either flip you straight away or wait until you won't incur any exit fees.  Essentially, you can never lose, plus the whole process is managed for you, making it stress and hassle-free. You will never over-pay for energy again.

Ready to sign up to Flipper?  It takes just 60 seconds, and you could easily save £385 a year, or more!  You don't even need to have details of your energy consumption to hand, the saving algorithm literally does it all for you, and within one day you will be offered a new, better deal.  Flipper does charge £25 a year, but guarantees savings of at least £50 a year, so you can't lose.  And you know they aren't being swayed by the big energy company's commissions as some sites allegedly are.

With guaranteed savings of at least £50 a year, Flipper is completely risk-free.  You only pay the fee once they have found a deal which will save you at least £50.  Plus, if you sign up through our unique link, you will save 20% (£5) off the fee.  Win-win!

If you would like to try Flipper for yourself, sign up here.

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