10 Ways to Easily Update and Refresh Your Walls

Tired of blank walls but don't want to commit to an expensive room makeover?  Looking to personalise your rental but not allowed to change the paint?  Want a quick seasonal room makeover for autumn or Christmas?  At uni or college and already bored of bland dorm walls?  Try self-adhesive for the easy way to decorate and show your style.

Available as wallpapers, wall murals, prints, posters and stickers of all sizes, the range of self-adhesive wall decorations from Pixers knows no bounds.  There is no limit to how big, or small, you want to go.  The best thing is you can chop and change your look quickly and easily, or transfer your transfers from one home or room to another, all without damaging the walls (or any other surface).  They can be re-used up to 10 times, perfect for those who like to ring the changes, or move often.

Whether you want to evoke a Scandi vibe or fancy modern, industrial, fururistic, contemporary or minimalist style, Pixers have the look for you.  And they're not just for walls, why not give new life to old doors, tables, bookcases and kitchen islands.  You can even use them to jazz up your laptop!

With hundreds of thousands of patterns in every category, there is something for everyone.  And if you just like a little bit of a bigger mural, or have a smaller space to fill, simply order the size you need.  Pixers will print their designs on to vinyl, canvas, aluminium or acrylic, so you can create bespoke wall art too.  You could even upload and use your own images.

Here are 10 of our favourite ways to use Pixers' wallpapers, decals and stickers around the home:

1. Embrace a trend, such as the current yen for giant florals.

2. Go BIG with a signature image in your bedroom or sitting room.

3. Demarcate spaces in shared living rooms or lounge-diners with contrasting but complementary patterns.

4. Invite the outside in with lots of plants and a slightly tropical print on the walls.

5. Go crazy with colour, knowing it can be temporary if it all gets too much!  (And you won't upset your landlord.)

6. Follow kids current interests by transforming their bedroom, but be ready to change again when the new craze begins!

7. Add some interest above a splash back or other nook with a pleasing pattern that ties your look together.

8. Add interest to a tranquil white space with smaller prints.

9. Dare to dream, even when you're stuck in a banal job in suburbia!

10. Let it all hang out at Christmas, go festive crazy!  If you can't let your hair down, and jazz your d├ęcor up then, when can you?!

All prints, wallpapers and stickers are available from Pixers.

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