Keeping Warm with Peter Storm at Ramster Gardens

We returned to Ramster Gardens near Chiddingfold in Surrey this week for their celebration of autumn colour.  The girls and I first visited Ramster back in June, but Steve was working and couldn't come.  Lara and Sophia were keen to show off their expertise and lead Daddy round their beloved gardens, but first a stop in some car park muddy puddles!

It was a chilly day and Sophia and Tatiana were eager to model their new cosy Peter Storm dotty fleeces from Millets. The fleece fabric is so soft, they're like a couple of little teddy bears.  Perfect under a waterproof jacket, or over layers on warmer days, the fleeces are warm, practical and stylish.

Sophia loves the pink trim to the hood and zip, and says she's as warm as a squirrel in her new fleece.  Perfect for collecting leaves and acorns and exploring the great outdoors in all its beautiful autumn colours.  Plus you can stuff the warm pockets full of your booty and then moan about having cold hands 😉

A quick café stop for tea and cake.  Steve was very pleased with his new coat too, the black and grey Peter Storm Men's Pennine II Waterproof Jacket.  A fully waterproof yet breathable jacket featuring the brand's Storm Shield technology, it is fully waterproof with taped seams and a water resistant finish.

It also has adjustable cuffs, a rollaway hood, and multiple pockets for everything he could possibly need on him!  As you can see Lara wasn't keen on being in any photos, apart from her hand.

Over in the gardens we admired the lovely benches each carved from a single trunk by a local wood carver, and the girls explored the familiar and new parts of the garden.  No spotting of Simba the cat this time, alas, no matter how much Sophia called.  Perhaps he was indoors keeping warm.

Tatiana loves her 'fleecy-fleece' and is particularly proud of her pockets.  She loved wandering around finding the best sticks she could, and looking for fairy doors with Lara.  We decided the one below must be the fairies' grand hotel as it had such an impressive mushroom porch over the door.

Finding the biggest leaf was a good game, as well as trying to find the biggest collection of different leaf shapes and types.  The warm and cosy explorers were in their element!

This beautiful deer and fawn is one of our favourite sculptures in the garden, and the girls loved how the leaves had been woven into its antlers.

Steve loving his new coat

The problem with being chief family photographer is that I appear in very few photos.  And when I do relinquish my role, sometimes my lovely husband isn't the best photographer...  But the pic below gives you a vague idea of my lovely new coat, the cosy and waterproof Peter Storm Womens Lakeside II 3 in 1 Jacket.  Offering year-round protection and comfort, it has a detachable fleece inner and a waterproof outer, so can be worn separately or together.

With a rollaway hood, multiple pockets, taped seams, adjustable hem and cuffs, and a tailored fit, I will be wearing this coat year round.  A great addition to my wardrobe, and lightweight enough for long distance walking too.

After a tree climb, we explored the rest of the garden.  Such a lovely garden, and a lovely day.

All Peter Storm clothing c/o Millets.  Girls' wellies c/o Aldi.

Ramster Gardens is open today and tomorrow for Autumn Colour, then closed until 17th March 2018.

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