Light AND Heat Your Home with ELIAH

I love this time of year but find trying to adjust the room temperature to a general 'comfortable' such a pain.  Every room is either too warm or too cold.  Sometimes I yearn for one of those old fashioned fan heaters, that you could just switch on at the touch of a button.  Everyone's granny had one in the bathroom and bedrooms in the 1980s, do you remember?  Read on to find out about ELIAH, the modern alternative...

Thankfully, there is a more modern, sophisticated heat source than granny's in the shape of sleek new ELIAH.  This deceptively simple device combines both light and heat to bring instant warmth to a room.  It's perfect when you want the air to warm up fast, for example in children's rooms, garages and basements.  ELIAH is the brainchild of three German engineers who have founded a company called LIQUIDBEAM, designed to bring innovative, smart and simple solutions to the marketplace.

ELIAH offers a useful light-heat combination as a simple ceiling light.  It is designed to make your light switch smart, simply fitting with your existing electrics, and using your light switch to click through different modes of operation, so you can have just light, just heat, or both, with varying modes of operation.  Each mode has adjustable settings for lighting and heating, all without additional wires, apps, or complicated remote control.

The convenience of ELIAH, and ability to fit it without any hassle, can help transform a room.  No more chilly utility room, winter-abandoned workshop or hobby room, no more cold, dark basement or garage.  Fit ELIAH for an instant well-being boost and instant warmth, enabling you to truly use every room in your house.

Expand your living and working space into every corner of your property with this handy device, the perfect solution for children's rooms, cellar and hobby rooms, utility rooms, guest rooms, offices, garages, rehearsal rooms, attics, garden sheds, outhouses, conservatories, holiday homes or apartments.  The instant heat will make any room feel comfortable and cosy in minutes.

ELIAH provides pleasant and bright light, according to your needs, and whatever warmth you need, in any room.  Combining the functions of a modern ceiling lamp with the advantages of a heater in one intelligent device, your room will be bright and comfortable at the touch of a button.  It could also save you money, supplying instant warmth when you need it, rather than heating a rarely used room indiscriminately.

ELIAH has a next generation microcontroller and up to six individual well-being temperatures can be adjusted directly on the device.  It warms up a room far more quickly than turning on a permanently installed radiator, and will save you money in heating and with the cheaper LED lighting.  To prevent the heating function from being inadvertently forgotten and not switched off after use, ELIAH has an automatic switch-off, which switches it off after a pre-defined time.  This can of course be over-ridden if you are staying in the room.

ELIAH is highly energy efficient and environmentally friendly, continually monitoring and regulating the room's temperature when in use.  We'll be snapping one up for our garage and conservatory.

ELIAH's eco features:
  • economical energy-saving LED lighting with 6 brightness levels
  • instant heat source, as required
  • variable heat settings
  • temperature monitoring and adjustment

ELIAH's convenience features:
  • light and heat smartly combined from a single ceiling light
  • easy to fit with your current electrics, no renovation necessary
  • simple light switch control, no apps, remotes etc
  • heat and light available anywhere, any time, instantly
  • automatic heat shutdown if you forget
  • takes up no floor or wall space, unlike conventional heaters and radiators
  • intelligent frost guard function helps prevent water pipes or conservatory plants freezing
  • LED lifetime of at least 50,000 hours, so no bulbs to change!
  • ideal for all rooms, especially those not used all the time
  • ideal for children's rooms, where an instant boost to warmth is often necessary
  • stylish design that fits with your modern home

Engineered in Germany, simple and effective ELIAH offers the most modern type of lighting with environmental and financial concerns a priority, adjustable brightness for all needs, and instant warmth when you need it.  Find out more on the Liquidbeam website or you could subscribe to the newsletter for updates and further information.

ELIAH will be available next year, but in the meantime you can sign up to LIQUIDBEAM's crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for huge discounts (up to 40%) on the finished product and some great prizes.

In ELIAH innovative German engineering and modern technology combine to provide the ideal heat-light solution for every home.

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