Our Unschooled Fortnight #26

We've had a busy couple of weeks, and it looks like it's going to be a pretty hectic few months all told.  Somewhere amongst it all we have covered geography (maps, continents, rock strata, geology), science (elements, materials, habitats, food chains), art, music, history (had to pause writing this to talk about Easter Island and its history) and maths, but there is still very little interest in sitting down to do any of it!  Then again, why should they?  Children aren't designed to be indoors, and while it's still warm enough to be out all day every day, we are.  Bliss!

We've been to LEGOLAND again (twice! - got to make the most of no queues ) ...

The sun's shining, of course it's warm enough to paddle!

Not so scary Ninjago poses...

Monsters walk here...

Lara got her driving licence - 5 times in a row!

3 against 1 ain't fair!

We went to Bekonscot Model Village for a fun clothes photo shoot with Cat Boy...

Lara loved spotting all the puns

We brought some Lego people along to play in the buildings

The three musketeers have lunch

We went to after school club at church, where our unschooled rebels were the only ones to sit quietly and listen to the story of St Francis and the wolf!  They revelled in seeing their old friends and making new ones; making bird feeders, sock puppets and masks; and decorating cakes and biscuits.

Lara made a special treat for Pinkie Pie ahead of the much-anticipated My Little Pony film

Pinkie Pie's treat left at the fairy door

Last weekend, Lara, my mum, my niece and I went to London to see the musical Wicked.  It was fantastic and both girls were utterly enthralled by their first big theatre experience.  Mummy and I thought it was rather fabulous too!  (Review coming soon.)

Excitement on the train - with mango!

The next day we headed to Chessington to meet my dear friend Charlotte.  We loved the Gruffalo ride and some of the other bits and pieces, but hated the way the animals were kept in so little space and very unnaturally and unhappily.  Lara is on quite a mission about it at the moment, and very cross.  (Review coming soon.)

Tatiana keeps talking about her twin highlights: Auntie Charlotte and beetroot

Sophia up close with one of her favourite characters

Poor, poor capybara with his fake grass and filthy water ☹

Animals like this are preferable!

Big hugs for Auntie Charlotte

One of the highlights of the past fortnight for Sophia was getting her first electric toothbrush, "I just can't believe I've got one, Mummy!"

We've been to various woods, walks, playgrounds and beaches as well, including this favourite:

Cooking dinner

Phew, I'm worn out just looking at it.  Here goes next week... Lx

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