Our Unschooled Fortnight #27

Oh dear, another two weeks gone by and we have a long, photo-filled catch up!  We were up bright and early a couple of weeks ago to catch the train to London, and spotted some amazing spiders webs dotted with dew on our way.

We were on our way to a special premiere of the My Little Pony film at a hotel in Soho.  My camera decided to have a bit of a weird moment so the photos are a bit pants unfortunately, but the girls found lights to play with, a veritable yellow brick road, outside the hotel.

Inside there were toys to play with, pictures to draw, and face arm paints to have done, not to mention a stage to play on.  You can see what we thought of the movie and read more about it here.

Afterwards we wandered through to Leicester Square for a picnic lunch in the sunshine before our much-anticipated first visit to the new flagship LEGO store.

We loved all the over-sized models and wall displays, fascinating in their size and just how long they would take to make.

It was busy, but not too awful, and the girls managed to find some space to play and build, before browsing the shelves to fill up their Christmas and birthday wish lists!

Followed the next couple of days by time playing with cousins, playgrounds, seeing their great aunt, and various other events, come Wednesday they were all absolutely exhausted.

We then had some days of virtually every toy in the place being pulled out for some long and complicated games of dollies, Sylvanians, Playmobil and, of course, LEGO.

The following weekend we were off again, with a lovely visit to Ramster Gardens in Surrey.  The girls love this place and enjoyed playing in puddles, exploring, discovering new paths, finding wonderfully shaped leaves and seeds and more.

Lara is crazy about caramel shortbread, so felt the need to take a photo of hers in the Ramster Gardens café, insisting I share it with you.

Storytelling is the main skill the girls are perfecting at the moment and there was plenty of inspiration at Ramster.  There were fairy doors such as this 'Grand Hotel' with its fungi porch below, statuary, leaves to wade through, trees to climb and Jurassic ferns.

Autumn colour was in the form of more fabulous fungi, a plethora of red, yellow and brown leaves (although that hardly describes them), some very late blue hydrangeas battered by the gales, and curious seed berries.

We had impromptu science study on deciduous trees, chlorophyll, the seasons, the solar system, Earth's orbit, seeds and seed dispersal, and that's just the bits I can recall now!  The girls were fascinated to see inside some of the different types of seeds we collected.

A more prosaic the next day, back to LEGOLAND again.  A few rides, although it was too busy for our liking, plenty of Miniland admiration, a LEGO Friends show, then more wish list additions in the shop!

On the way home Tatiana practiced the storytelling skills she had been picking up, telling us a tale about a princess, a king and a dilemma,with beginning, middle and end.  Not only that, but her tale had a story arc with introduction, conflict and resolution; setting, characterisation, and even a character arc for the king who became a changed man.  Pretty impressive for a still three year old!

We've had an up and down week this week, but with a bit of very, very good news to end it.  We spent this afternoon at the sea front, enjoying the sunshine and trying out Lara's new scooter, before heading out for dinner.

Making necklaces of sea shells and stones threaded on seaweed

See you next week! Lx

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