Could Your Pet Be ADT's Pet Detective? They Could Win £500 in Vouchers & an ADT Alarm System! #PetDetective - ENDED

We live in a nation of pet-ty criminals!  Up and down the country light pawed pets are causing havoc, and its costing their owners and other poor, unsuspecting victims a staggering £305 million a year!!

Missing socks, misplaced money, post disappeared? Look no further than your furry companions, there is a thief in our midst!  Stealing everything from food to underwear, more than half the 12 million pet owners in the UK admit their animal regularly nicks their belongings or helps themselves to food.  But it's not all about canine robbers and cat burglars, as birds are actually the biggest perpetrators, with 59% guilty of filching (finch-ing?)!

ADT, the nation's leading security brand, is determined to put a stop to these furry fiends and has launched a nationwide search for a 'Pet Detective' to help put a stop to pilfering pets.  With 52% of UK pet owners harbouring a known criminal, and a further 15% suspecting they have a furry or feathered felon but not yet having the proof, there are plenty of pets who could enter!

Instagram dog Pumba who has known his fair share of thievery!

These cheeky pets are costing each household on average £49.34 a year to those light paws, although some have losses over £150.  That's a lot of treats!  But it seems that it's reptiles who have the most extravagant tastes, with the items they steal coming to a whopping £209 over their lifetimes!

Our five cats are delighted to hear that their canine cousins are more guilty, with 58% of dogs being caught red-pawed, compared to only 47% of cats.  But I must confess, we are harbouring a criminal.

Misha totally believes he is human, watching TV, going to bed at bedtime, and eating human food more than cat food.  He chows down on salad, sweetcorn, asparagus and broccoli, but has a real penchant for pancakes.  We try to curb this taste as they are not exactly good for him, but he has been caught with his paw in the toaster more than once.  Here he is in action:

Cheeky cat!

It seems Misha is just at the beginning of his career though, as old pets really can learn new tricks as they get used to their life of crime.  35% of pilfering pets have learnt how to open food packaging, 30% can open doors, and 12% can even unlock handbags to get to the choicest prizes!  Top items stolen by pets include food, shoes, other pets' toys, children's toys, and clothes.

To combat this seemingly unstoppable wave of pet pilfering, ADT are looking for the UK’s most prolific cat, dog, budgie or bunny burglar.  They will be awarded with an exclusive position, a year’s consultancy for ADT.  They will also win a new ADT Smart Home system with installation and a year’s free monitoring, and a generous welcome bonus of £500 Monster Pet Supplies vouchers.

If you have a pet pilferer at home, just upload a photo of your pet in action on the ADT Facebook page and tell ADT why your pet is suitable for the role!

Do they have a track record of being light-pawed?  Are they highly intelligent, coming up with ingenious ways to pilfer possessions?  Are they an intrepid explorer, capable of venturing far and wide to find swag?  Are they experienced at evading capture?  Enter your pet's photo today!

Lee Jasper, from ADT said:

“We’re a nation of pet lovers but the research has revealed that the nations pets don’t always return the love – they’re thieving our possessions behind our backs. As experts in home security, we wanted to get to the bottom of this. As the best way to catch a thief is to set a thief we’re searching for the UK’s most prolific pet pilferer. We’ll use their insider knowledge to understand and learn more about the security weak spots that the UK’s pets exploit.”

Does your pet have what it takes?

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