If I Won the Lottery, I Would...

It's one of those things we all dream about occasionally, isn't it?  Whether you only buy a ticket occasionally or religiously play the same numbers each week, we all have indulge in the occasional daydream.  What would we actually do if our numbers came up?

First of all, having cracked open the Champagne, I would book a holiday, preferably somewhere sunny and relaxed, maybe Thailand, so we could have some time to think about it all.  Imagine the joy of shutting up shop and disappearing for a couple of weeks, no planning or budgeting required!

Back to reality, our first priority would be a house.  While many aspire to footballers' wives glam, with gold fittings, cream carpets and all kinds of ostentatious crazy, I suspect the majority are rather like us and would just like a nice house with a bit of space around it.  Nothing too glitzy, just comfortable, nice (and possibly Georgian).

After that, I'm not sure what else we would change really.  A newer car, driving lessons and a car for Steve, and no work so we could do what we liked all the time.  Perhaps a pays for itself business like holiday lets, and lots of lovely space to grow our own food and keep lots of animals, especially gorgeous goats.

Our day to day life probably wouldn't be hugely different to be honest, most days we please ourselves as it is, but we would be able to travel wherever and whenever we wanted, heading to Disneyland Paris, to see Father Christmas in Lapland, and on an epic journey across my beloved Russia, and that's just for starters.

My top priority though would be helping those who I know need help, and supporting as many of the charities that are important to us as possible.  Realistically, anyone only needs a million or two, so if you won one of these crazy Euromillions pots, charities have got to be top of the list, and all the small ones that make a direct difference, rather than big ones.

Oh dear, do my dreams sound drearily pedestrian, or just a bit too grown up?!  Ah well, you have to be in it to win it and all that; I'm off to Lottoland to buy a ticket or six!

I just asked the girls what they would do and most answers involved toys, a big playroom, and places they want to visit.  Not a white leather sofa or faux chandelier in sight 😉

What would you do if you won the lottery?  Blow the lot on 12 months of hedonism, or take the whole life approach and upgrade a bit at a time?

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