Our Unschooled Week #28

Just a quick one this week as we have been busy but not done a huge amount - if that makes any sense!  On Sunday and Monday I escaped to my mum's to get some work done and have some time to myself.  I missed everyone desperately, of course, but it was lovely to have a decent night's sleep and a bath completely free of interruptions!

Steve and the girls had a quiet couple of days, so the smalls were all chomping at the bit to get out on Tuesday.  We obliged with no less than three beaches and two playgrounds, as well as a lovely lunch out.  After lunch we walked and scooted along the sea front at Littlehampton, with plenty of stops for climbing, exploring and playing - and jumping!

How did my number 1 baby get so big?!

Being a soldier in the sand pit

More jumping

On Wednesday we went to soft play and then the excitement that is 'Asda tea' (I told you they have simple pleasures!), and lovely after school club on Thursday where Lara was delighted to see her new friend Eva again.  This time she made an elaborate biscuit for Father Christmas, so we wrote their Christmas letters that evening and left the letters and biscuit by the fairy door.  Advance planning just like their mama 😉

Today was a quiet day at home, trying out a new camera after the old one finally gave up the ghost although Tatia falling on it on Tuesday didn't help!  And packing for our press trip to Ramsgate bright and early tomorrow morning.  But more on that next week... Lx

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