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With both Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind our backs, it’s safe to say that the holiday season has been officially green-lit. This marks a turning point and serves as an introduction for a period which culminates with the Yuletide itself. However, most of us know that despite the festive mood and beautiful surroundings, there’s also a truckload of tension our nerves and wallets get subjected to during this brief albeit emotionally dense period. With that said, there is a detour for everything, holiday season included. is here to show the safe passage- a passage that’s paved with incredible discounts for original home decor and lifestyle accessories!

Now, there’s very little value in buying something just for the sake of ticking the box. Christmas is a period of true sincerity and remembrance. As such, it begs for a present with a tad bit of thought invested. Photo canvas prints from are the perfect midway solution when it comes to Christmas gifts that are long-lasting, eye-pleasing, heart-warming, and yes, of course, wallet friendly. Starting with a mere £6, you are now able to acquire canvas prints that, despite the budget-class price, lack absolutely nothing in the quality department. We offer manually assembled framework with the highest-quality print delivered with a cutting edge technology, all while staying true to our strict environmentally friendly manufacturing policies.

The vast selection of different formats allows you to experiment with the format of the gift itself. A multiple of 20x20 cm canvas prints will work as a great entire family-inclusive wall decor collage to exhibit within a frame of string lights above your mantel. Meanwhile, a single large-format canvas print will be the perfect foundation for striking Scandinavian scenery portraying snow-clad forests somewhere in the distance for an airy, soft, and moody feel. Have a spacious, barely furnished living space with a pallet bed right in the middle? Then this is exactly what you didn’t know you needed until now!

For genuine decor aficionados, there’s also a bulk of truly sophisticated wall decor formats to go with. Christmas light sceneries won’t look any better than they do through the sheen of UV-protective coating, a feature unique to our premium-quality aluminium prints. Now, printing on aluminium does not mean just beauty without any substance. Quite the contrary, aluminium panels are renowned for their juxtaposition of durability and mobility provided by the clever combination of the plastic core and a pair of aluminium sheets. What you get is a crystal-clear re-imagination of your photo on a sturdy, reliable backing. The holiday season, including Christmas itself, is the perfect time for tokens of affection like these, which are grand, sincere, and evocative! Don’t overthink, the choice here is pretty obvious!

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