Proper Pudding Made Easy with Dr Oetker Pud in a Mug

The girls have got into some idea that they should have pudding every day, and get in quite a huff if we don't produce anything.  Luckily, a slice or two of pineapple, an apple or a yogurt will usually suffice, but recently they have been asking for more substantial dessert options - I blame too much TV chef watching!

We usually bake or cook together at least once a week, but with a to do list as long as my arm and endless demands on my time, I'm afraid making a 'proper' pudding every day is just not going to happen.  Thank goodness then for the super handy Pud in a Mug range from Dr Oetker.

Pudding in less than two minutes? Count me in! Truth be told, I'm not that much of a pudding person, and would always choose starter and main, rather than main and dessert, but if I do indulge it would usually be a hot nursery pud like sticky toffee or chocolate, so I was as keen as the girls to try these!

Making them couldn't be easier, and first up was three year old Tatiana making her choice, the Sticky Toffee Sponge Pud.  Just stir the powdered contents of the sachet into a small quantity of milk, mix until smooth, and pop in the microwave.  So simple.  We opted to mix in the measuring jug as it was wider so easier for the girls, but you could just mix it straight in the mug of course.

After 50 seconds, it's ready.  Just be careful as it is very hot, so we left ours to rest on the side for a minute or so.  The Sticky Toffee and Rich Chocolate flavours create their own sauce in the bottom of the cup too - yum! And then to the important business of eating it...

Tatiana thought her pudding was delicious and really enjoyed the toffee sauce. There was certainly not much left by the time she finished!

Sophia made the Rich Chocolate Sponge Pudding, which is made in the same way, and ready after just 50 seconds.  She loved mixing the powder and milk together and watching it change to a deep chocolate colour, plus it smelled amazing! Sophia loved it.

Dr Oetker have recently added a new flavour to the range, Banana and Choc Chip, inspired by everyone's favourite, banana bread.  They suggest you "Peel yourself away from your usual dessert" (oh yes, they did) and enjoy this yummy new flavour.

The Banana and Choc Chip variety requires slightly longer cooking time, at 70 seconds, although we found the cake a bit too soft and squidgy, so gave it an extra blast to cook the cake a bit more.  The banana flavour was quite mild and the gooey chocolate chips were really delicious.  My mum liked this one best.

We really enjoyed the Pud in a Mug Sponges, and the girls have already asked us to get some more in!  Perfect for an after-dinner treat, a late night treat in front of the telly (not just me, surely?), or to beat that mid-afternoon slump in the office.  Easy to make, convenient to keep in the cupboard, and a yummy treat.

Dr. Oetker Pud in a Mug Sponge Puds are available from ASDA, priced 85p per sachet.

The flavours available are: Rich Chocolate, Sticky Toffee, Chocolate Chip and new Banana and Choc Chip.

They certainly went down well with this lot!

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