How to Stay Connected This Christmas

What's most important to you at Christmas? Research by First Utility reveals that more than a third of the UK (36%) would rather go without their Christmas dinner than broadband. And with 37% of us relying on broadband to stay connected with loved ones at Christmas, you can understand why.

Lots of us will be video calling friends and family over Christmas, and many will also be using technology to share a glass of wine, show off their festive clothing, open their presents together, or even to share their Christmas dinner together! No wonder we'd feel bereft without our broadband connection.  After all, how else could your family and friends laugh at admire your choice of festive attire?

Being apart from loved ones is hard at Christmas, but video calling is the easiest way to connect with family and friends living abroad or in distant parts of the UK. First Utility has created a guide to the best times to speak to loved ones in other countries, helping everyone to connect more easily, even if they are on the other side of the world.

Just find the country you'd like to connect with in the easy-to-use guide, match their time with UK time and decide whether you want to call morning, afternoon or evening. The countries are listed by continent and by the top 20 most popular ex pat destinations to make them easy to find.

You can find the full calling guide here, but here’s a snippet for you:

42% of us will also be using broadband to stream our favourite Christmas movies, including Home Alone, It's a Wonderful Life and Love Actually. Here are the top 10 Christmas films according to First Utility Broadband's survey.* Which is your favourite?

Whether you're calling loved ones or streaming festive films, a good broadband connection is a modern Christmas must-have.  It certainly beats over-cooked brussels sprouts!

Along with when best to call loved ones and which films to watch, you'll find lots more Christmassy advice and more on the First Utility blog.

* Figures from research carried out by Opinion Matters between 01/12/17 and 06/12/17 with a sample of 2003 respondents.

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