Last Minute Christmas Shopping

If you've finished your Christmas shopping and are feeling all smug - and relieved! - move on, this post is not for you.  If you're still anxiously fretting about what to get Great Aunt Esmeralda, cousin Eugene, the dog, and five of your friends, read on...

If the kids are stumping you or you just don't want to buy yet more plastic, try these non-toy but still great present for kids.  We've got lots of stocking filler ideas and there is still time to make some home-made Christmas gifts if you are so inclined.

Failing all that, here are all our 2017 gift guides:

Christmas gift ideas for babies and toddlers

Christmas gift ideas for kids

More Christmas gift ideas for kids

Even more Christmas gift ideas for kids

Christmas gift ideas for teens

Christmas gift ideas for him

Christmas gift ideas for her

More Christmas gift ideas for her

Christmas gift ideas for pets and their parents

Christmas gift ideas for cooks and foodies

More Christmas gift ideas for cooks and foodies

Christmas gift ideas for home lovers

Happy shopping!

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  1. I am usually organised. But this year I struggled a bit. Especially what to buy for people who already got everything. Thanks for the links.

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you lol. This post is for me! I've not finished my Christmas shopping and I was the one saying to people beginning of December... Oh I'm OK, I'm not stressing, I've got plenty of time! I haven't but I will do. I've lots if ideas from this post so I'm going to write a list and go shopping!

  3. Love a bit of last minute Christmas shopping it’s part of the build up

  4. Great guide thanks for sharing. I'm hoping to have the last of my Christmas shopping done by this weekend x

  5. Not sure about anyone else but I find buying cards for the male members of the family harder than buying them presents. Take my nephew (please - no, not really lol) - he's not really into drink, cars and hasn't much of a sense of humour. Being 25 he's far too old for bears and "cute" Christmas cards but the majority of the cards for nephew are the ones I have just listed. The other year when he decided to be a brat (although far too old for a tantrum) he went mad because everyone got him a blue, sparkly or grown-up card and he THAT YEAR decided he wanted bears and cute cards for the first time since he was old enough to complain about the cards lol.

  6. Such a great idea to put all the links in one place; thank you for doing that!


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