Our Christmas 2017

Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas! Ours was a busy build up of pantomime, days out, family and friends visits and a little bit of last minute shopping, followed by the peace of a carol service at Chichester Cathedral and then a couple of days of calm before the big day.

Some of us retreated completely and took up residence in the dolls' house, although it was festively decorated and she did have a phone in case of important festive communications.

The girls were full of excitement, of course, but kept busy with the cats to entertain them, and plenty of Advent calendars to open, a record five each this year from us, Sunday school, after school club and

On Christmas morning, we opened stockings in bed before heading out to find what treasures were in the sitting room.  A very grand pile, complete with bikes from Father Christmas!

He had obviously enjoyed his mince pie and chocolates, and the reindeer had made fine work of the carrots they were left.

There were so many presents that they went on for a few days, as ever, and Yuri made the most of his vantage point on the top.  Posing for next year's Christmas card, maybe.

Sylvanian Families, PJ Masks, LEGO and DC Super Hero Girls all featured heavily in the gift stakes, with a side order of Shopkins, Barbies and Disney.  Sophia spent much of the week being Batgirl and Tatiana, Catboy.

We admired lots of Christmas lights, including these from one of our neighbours. Lara and Sophia took careful notes for their mission to have our new brightly-lit Christmas home seen from space!

We had a small sprinkling of snow, Tatiana's first ever, and managed to make some teeny snowballs and to crunch around in it.  Still hoping for some proper white stuff before winter is out though.  (We missed what the rest of the country had earlier in the month.  There are disadvantages to living in such a warm climate, although I am still picking tomatoes...)

But mostly we had lots and lots and lots of rain. Cue much splashing and jumping in huge muddy puddles...

... and making grass soup in them.

See you next year! Lx

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