Our Unschooled Week #33

We started this week with full-on Christmasness, with Sunday school and church in the morning for the first Sunday of Advent, a quick lunch, then panto at Worthing.  We saw Snow White starring the One and Only Chesney Hawkes, Cook and Line from Swashbuckle who were absolutely brilliant, and Jo Brand as the Magic Mirror, which Lara found hilarious - "It's the cat lady, Mummy!"  I think we were supposed to know who the Evil Queen and Snow White were too, but we don't do soaps so it rather passed us by!  Brilliant show, hilarious, probably one of the best pantos we've seen in fact.

On Monday it was the girls' After School Club Christmas party.  The disco element was rather too loud, especially for Lara, so we spent quite a bit of time in the mobile library bus parked outside church and in a quiet room, colouring.  But they all enjoyed the party food, seeing Father Christmas and playing Pass the Parcel with everyone.

On Tuesday we went to get our tree.  As we are out and about and away so much this month, we had been thinking about getting an artificial tree, but in the end I just couldn't bring myself to do it, so we opted for a smaller, pot grown tree rather than our usual 6 foot plus monster!  We spent the rest of the day decorating the tree, making some more decorations, and playing random games in boxes.

On Wednesday we made Christmas cards, and went to a nativity crib making workshop at church.  My mum was with us for a few days so joined in the festive fun.

Thursday was an early mini birthday party for Tatiana, so we made paper chains in the morning and did some more Christmassy colouring and creating.  We also found some tubes of fake 'snow' in the Christmas box so made that up for the girls to play with.  A long, involved game ensued.

Yesterday morning my mum headed home, so we spent the day chilling out with a big tray of snacks and lots of Christmas DVDs.  We went for a blustery walk on the beach in the afternoon and then had an early night.  Today has been a quiet day too so far, although we might head out to tackle some Christmas shopping later, via the playground on the way of course!

Hope you've had a good week, Lx

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