Precious Moments - Finding Peace in the Christmas Busy-ness

Finding time to relax in the run up to Christmas can seem like an impossible task.  There are constant demands on your time and, if you do get a rare moment to do as you please, guilt that you haven't yet bought everything, wrapped everything, made everything, written your Christmas cards and whatever else crowds in.

But remember that you owe it to yourself to take some time out too.  A short break to have a bath in peace, to sit down with a cup of tea and a book or magazine, or to go for a walk or a run and let off some steam, will see you back at it with gusto when the time comes.  If you think you really can't find the time, check out our guide to fitting me time into your every day, you CAN do it!

Try to find time to appreciate everyone in this busy time too.  Head back to bed for extra morning cuddles with little ones, forget the to do list and play a crazy game, sit down and really watch their TV shows with them, or go for a nature walk to collect 'treasure'.  Spend time doing fun stuff so you can all recharge and re-connect.

Equally, keep an eye out for moments to treasure in the chaos of family life, they're so easily missed.  Try our list of festive things to do for free to make some magical memories with your family, grab your camera to capture those tiny day to day moments where they're playing happily together or daydreaming, and try to relish all the little bits, rather than continually focussing on your to do list.  if you  really can't tear yourself away, read why your to do list doesn't matter.

Right, I'm off to play board games and make paper chains, everything else can wait.

Take some time out and just be, start Christmas time off now and, as our American friends say, Happy Holidays!

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