Tatiana's 4th Birthday Week

Last week was Tatiana's fourth birthday and, as we hadn't had a Butlins holiday yet this year, we decided to head there for a few days.  Everything was beautifully decorated and super Christmassy, with plenty of entertainment and fun on tap, and we all had a brilliant time.  Having her birthday in the middle was (literally) the icing on the cake for Tatia!

There was some very serious present opening, with this LEGO set being "just what I've always wanted!" so well done, Uncle Paul!  Her other favourite present was a Spider-Man stunt car which we spent ages racing up and down the hotel corridor, which was hilarious.

She spent her birthday hobnobbing with the Skyline Gang and a Teletubby, and also got to visit Father Christmas for the second time this year, who gave her extra treats because it was her birthday.

In the late afternoon, we went to the amusements, then to the swimming pool which was lovely and quiet by then.  Here's Sophia showing off her post-swimming curls!

The next morning we did some Christmassy crafts, which Tatiana wanted to practice her measuring with, then played in the 'snow'.

The Little Tikes cars area is always a hit, and we had traffic jams, running out of petrol, crashes and all sorts of other crises to deal with there!  Lara managed to persuade Steve to drive her round at speed in a car and was laughing so much she cried.

After those chilly adventures, it was back to our rooms for tea and birthday cake - all dressed as Catboy, of course!

In the afternoons and evenings we watched shows, played in the soft play and went on the indoor rides.  Lara met several friends for the week and had great fun going off with them in the dome, and was even interacting with the adults supervising the rides, which she hasn't done before.  She seemed much more confident somehow, and had very few meltdowns with so much to do and so much control over her choices.  The other two terrors stuck together and had a whale of a time.

After breakfast on Friday, we left Butlins and headed to Peppa Pig World for the day.  Beautifully decorated as usual, it looked amazing and we had a fantastic day.

The girls' third visit to Father Christmas involved making our way to the North Pole with various creatures helping along the way, and the man in red was on top form.  Definitely our favourite visit.

Sophia loved this Frosty the Snowman too, although it was her sister getting frosty afterwards, asking for ice creams in four degree cold!!  She must be living up to her Russian name.

Peppa Pig World is still Lara's favourite day out and she had a wonderful day, with her newly acquired friend Snowdrop.  She made fast friends with a 10 year old girl in soft play and went off to some of the rides with her and her parents, although I was asked to follow at a safe distance 😉

A brilliant day, we were sorry to leave!

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