The Very True Story of How I Became a Professional Juggler

Yep, I'm a juggler.  Oh no sorry, not with balls or oranges or socks or the like, I can only just about manage to throw and catch, but a professional life juggler, a mummy juggler.

Keeping all the balls in the air is the art of the modern mama, and for this mama that means nurturing and maintaining three small people and five cats, home educating said small people, running two businesses and setting up another, life admin, financial management, cooking, baking, driving up and down the country, and myriad other tasks.  Of course I wouldn't have it any other way, but something's got to give, and quite often that means running out of seemingly everything, all at the same time.

Yesterday we had no bread for toast, no butter for the crumpets we did have, nothing for lunch beyond plain pasta, and only 3 sheets of loo roll left!  Aarghh...

Usually it's not quite as bad as that, but thank goodness for multi-tasking buys like baby wipes and cotton wool pads.  We have a new Aldi store in Chichester so have been stocking up on their award-winning Mamia baby range.

I use shampoo so rarely that I never forget to pick up any for myself, so the gentle Mamia Baby Shampoo is ideal for all of us, plus it has vitamin E to nourish and add shine.  Quick tip mamas, it's great for washing your make-up brushes too, and we've even used it as a substitute travel wash at a push, great for when we run out of socks for the girls, i.e. every holiday!  It's fantastic value at 79p for 500ml too.

Our other bathroom essential is a pack of Lacura Cotton Wool Pads, ideal for cleaning baby bottoms and sleepy dust-filled toddler eyes, they also double as cat supplies and are  just the thing for whipping off nail varnish in one wipe.  We love how thick and absorbent the pads are, and such great value at just 69p for a double pack of 200 pads, just 0.03p each!  We have packs in the changing bag, the car and the bathroom, ready for any emergency.

Last but not least, are every mum's go to essential, baby wipes.  The Aldi Mamia Sensitive Baby Wipes are soft and gentle, and contain a dermatologically-tested Aloe Vera and Chamomile lotion which helps them to cleanse gently and effectively.  Perfect for cleaning bottoms of course, but also just the thing for wiping off mud, ice cream drips, paint, and whatever else the small people have managed to cover themselves in today!  Plus these handbag/changing bag/everywhere essential are just 55p a pack.

But our baby wipe use doesn't stop there, in our house they're everywhere and used for cleaning up cat poo, sick and wee spills, cleaning the floors, wiping the TV and laptop screens, cleaning the tongue and groove on our walls - great for getting in the grooves, wiping cupboard doors, shining the chrome draining board and taps, and anything else we can think of!

Mamia Sensitive Baby Wipes are also just the thing for cleaning make-up and grime off at the end of a long day.  Those evenings when you just don't have time or inclination for proper cleanser, they're my go-to for my own bedtime routine.  Lazy?  Nah, just an exhausted juggling mum!

Us mums juggle constantly and when you're catering to baby's or children's every need, stocking up on things for yourself tends to be forgotten.  So why not buy products for baby that can double up as beauty products for mum too, all at fantastically low prices.

Aldi's award-winning Mamia baby range, including nappies and a range of baby toiletries, is available in all Aldi stores, find your nearest one here.

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