Celebrating Orthodox Christmas with Afternoon Tea

Any excuse for a celebration in our family.  During the year we manage to cram in eight birthdays (5 human, 3 feline), the same number of name days, a few special days for the adoptees, two Easters, two Christmases, and anything else we can think of!

Why two Easters and Christmases?  We celebrate the Orthodox ones too, and luckily still have enough Russian wellwishers to make it viable.  Russia was late to change from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar, not doing so until the first revolution in February 1917, so the church traditionally celebrates Christmas and Easter 13 days after the rest of us.  Great excuse for an early January celebration in our western calendar, we say!

This year we celebrated with a deliciously indulgent afternoon tea, courtesy of One4All gift cards.  Leading multi-store gift card One4All can be spent at a wide variety of retailers, including Marks & Spencer, so we headed in store to pick up some sandwiches, cakes and other treats for afternoon tea.  Tatiana chose a tub of flapjack squares, Sophia opted for raspberry iced buns, and Lara for a chocolate log.  Some cream cakes and tarts made it quite a spread.

The amazing array of sandwiches was particularly tempting, with a delicious new roasted vegetable vegan one being a big hit all round, along with brie and grape, cheese and celery, and an exotic-looking beetroot one on purple bread!

Paying with our One4All gift card was incredibly straightforward.  The chap behind the till new exactly what it was and how to process it correctly, treating the card like a pre-paid credit card so money is taken off your balance every time you make a purchase.  But the joy of One4All is the huge variety of retailers that accept it, including B&Q, Clarks, John Lewis and many more.

We loved the convenience of having this handy gift card to just hand over to pay for treats, and would certainly welcome one as a gift from friends and family.  If you have any birthdays or special occasions coming up, it is a great idea for sending to loved ones so they can treat themselves to something they've had their eye on, or go on a shopping spree at a variety of retailers.  There is so much great choice which you don't get with a regular gift card.  It really is having your cake and eating it!

Find out more about One4All gift cards, or order a card, via the website.  One4All gift crds can also be purchased at more than 11,500 Post Office branches nationwide.  The convenient gift card for both you and your loved one.

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