Our Unschooled Fortnight #36

Oh gosh, another two weeks gone by and we are nearly at the end of January, where does the time go?!

We've been busy scooting, cycling, walking, baking, and crafting.  We've been able to get out most days, thankfully, otherwise we'd all be going stir crazy!  Some days it has meant dropping everything else and dashing out the door when the rain finally stops and a few rays of sun are spotted; other days we've been totally caught out, like feeding the ducks in stinging hail recently!

At home, Tatiana is spending lots of time playing with animals, which has prompted another spate of wildlife documentaries such as Big Cats on iPlayer.  Sophia came with me when I had to take Misha to the vets, and came home with lots of information for her sisters.  Cue role playing vets, and having their Barbie family take their pets to the vets.

The girls have also been loving the book What Do Animals Do All Day?, a journey through 14 different habitats where they can see lots of different animals and find out what they do and how they have adapted their appearance and behaviour to where they live and the other creatures in that ecosystem. We're starting the topic of habitats with adaptation and camouflage in science, so this is a fantastic introduction. (We also have the brilliant What Do Grown-ups Do All Day? which details a host of jobs in different locations and prompts lots of questions and subsequent role plays every time we read it.)

No large scale adventures to report really, although we did go up to my mum's for a couple of days, leaving Steve at home to work. It was rather interesting trying to squeeze all four of us into a double bed as no-one wanted to sleep on their own, but fun otherwise. the girls watched Aladdin for the first time, and we broke up the journeys there and back with assorted playground stops, so everyone was happy.

Back home, Tatiana put the finishing touches to the rules and joining criteria to her 'black boys club' (members: her as Catboy and Misha), not entirely sure how he feels about it though...

And there was lots of small world role play, still mainly animal-focussed.  Dinosaurs continue to feature heavily too, especially after finally watching Chris Packham's T-Rex documentary on iPlayer.

More formal learning has been limited to reading and literacy, as maths interest seems to have waned lately.  Of course, there's all the every day maths like weights and measures in cooking, capacity in water play, money, time, counting, data measuring and handling etc, but little interest in workbook stuff, so I'm not forcing it.  They'll come back to it in a week or two, I'm sure.

Hope you've had a good couple of weeks.  Anyone managed a more spirited start to the year yet?  We feel like we're still half in holiday mode, I think - need some more sunshine!! Lx

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