Our Unschooled Week #35

We've had a pretty quiet week, after last week's trips out and about.  Although someone said to me recently that our 'quiet' weeks have more going on than their busy ones, so I guess it's all relative!  One of the main themes of the week has been LEGO.  The girls have been busy playing with the sets they got for Christmas and birthdays, building and skipped happily to the LEGO aisles with their hard-saved pocket money + birthday and Christmas money to buy some new sets.

Tatiana chose the enormous LEGO Batman Movie Arkham Asylum which meant she got lots of characters from the movie which she is delighted with. While Lara went for the LEGO Friends Friendship House and Sophia chose LEGO Friends Sunshine Catamaran. Steve has been kept very busy putting it all together, while I have attempted to get back into the swing of work, but been mostly sat on by cats. Great excuse to not be able to work though 😉

Formal learning has had a bit of a slow start, mostly because there are far more vital things to do like play LEGO, but also because I have been suffering with a hard to shift cold, chest infection and now ear infection.  Tedious!  But we have done some bits and bobs.  Tatiana has been enjoying these new Chalkboard Concepts learning books, a nice simple way to learn letters, shapes and numbers, while getting to use chalk - what child can resist chalk!

Whilst Lara and Sophia have been exploring the fun 50 Wacky Things Humans Do, a fun fact-filled book about the quirks of the human body.  With lots of weird and wonderful facts to entertain and fascinate, this book has had them awed and hysterical by turns.

Outdoor adventures have been few, limited to brief forays to the beach, out on their new Christmas bikes along the sea front, and short walks.  On a calmer and quieter day we did visit Bosham harbour one afternoon.  There was lots of jumping, running and exploring the mud flats while the tide was right out.

Someone had renewed the swings over the river, so the girls spent ages swinging across, luckily no-one fell in as it was jolly cold!

Lara was looking for lost shellfish and water snails to save, to make sure the birds couldn't eat them.

Back at home, we did some history with the fun excavation kit Sophia had for her birthday.  She was delighted to find her mummy and spent ages carefully excavating it and dusting it.  Then various games ensued with other animals and characters.

Lara is currently very interested in dinosaurs, so spent the last of her savings on a LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurskit which can make a T.Rex, Triceratops or Pterodactyl.  Now she wants two more so she can make all three and they can have adventures together!

In other news, Sophia carried a watermelon...

And finally, our other trip of the week, to the Wildfowl and Wetland Trust at Arundel, where we saw the LEGO animals again before they move on to WWT Martin Mere for the spring.

We busily spotted the first signs of spring, new growth, and mini beasts, found out about hibernation and migration patterns, plumage and more.

Tatiana is counting how many different birds she can name, and happily added Canada goose to her list.

Lara is fascinated by all the LEGO models and desperate to make one of similar size!  While Sophia particularly enjoyed spotting all the different colours of winter, in the reeds and stems and lichen.

This gorgeous nene goose was happy to pose with his brick cousin, as long as there was a bowl of food involved!

Following avid watching of the Jo Brand cat rescue programme on Channel 5, we found this poor cat stuck in a tree and had to call the fire brigade to help get her down.

So that was our week, hope you had a good one too. See you next week, Lx

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