Should Your Babysitter Be the 'Babysitter of the Year'? Vote Now!

Do you have a fantastic babysitter? Someone your children look forward to seeing, who will stay late if necessary, and who you can trust and not have to worry about all night. All in, a sitter who goes above and beyond the call of duty.

If you do know one of these wonder women - or men! - enter them into the Babysitter of the Year awards launched this year by, the UK's largest childcare platform which is used by millions of childcare providers, parents, tutors and schools.  They have more than 300,000 babysitters registered on the site nationwide.

A godsend to many families, babysitters help parents to juggle work, life and childcare, yet seldom get the recognition they deserve.  So the Babysitter of the Year awards seek to find the best babysitters in the UK, inviting parents across the UK to vote for their babysitter.  Just head over to the Babysitter of the Year 2018 page to find out more, including how to vote for your babysitter.

Just go to your babysitter's profile page and click 'Vote'.  You'll then be asked to write a short statement about why they should win, for example why your kids love them.  But bear in mind the aspects that please the parents too, such as are they punctual, flexible, responsible, friendly, confident, and knowledgeable.  This will help recommend them to other parents in need of a helping hand too.

The babysitters with the most votes will then be shortlisted before one is crowned the Babysitter of the Year.  Regional winners will also be announced for the North East, North West, Midlands, South East, South West, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Richard Conway, founder of said:

"Babysitting is the most popular service on the site, and for good reason. Every family in the UK, I can guarantee, have required babysitting services at some point. It’s sad to think that babysitters don’t always get the recognition they deserve, I think because it’s considered a less demanding form of childcare, which couldn’t be more untrue."

A good babysitter can have a real impact on the children they look after, and the parents they help.  Give yours and the work they put in the recognition they deserve by voting for them in the very first Babysitter of the Year awards!

Voting is open until Thursday 25th January, so get your vote cast as soon as possible!  Just head over to's Babysitter of the Year page and get voting.

Winners will be announced on the social media platforms Facebook and Twitter on Wednesday 31st January.

Who will you vote for?

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