Sophia's 6th Birthday Week

Sophia had a fantastic birthday week and kept marvelling at being 6.  Nope, I can't believe it either, honey!  The best part of her birthday was having her Uncle Paul down for the week and being the birthday queen for the week, she was able to choose all the activities.  Top choice for her birthday out was Drusilla's park, which she adores.

In Hello Kitty world we recreated last year's pose, but accidentally got them the wrong way round!  Tatiana was feeling a bit tired and grumpy so no smile, but they both have a lot more hair than last year!

Lara was in her element climbing up this spider tower, and making a couple of friends for the day who she played with on and off until it got dark.

We were all delighted to see our favourite squirrel monkeys and 'shared' some snacks with them.  They love tapping on the window to show the girls what they have, and chattering through the glass.

It was lovely to see all the animals again, especially the gorgeous capybara, and new residents the anteaters.  We'll definitely be back again soon!

The next day was Sophia's birthday, so Steve and I assembled her pressie pile and rescued the balloons we had been hiding from their corner.  Sophia had been asking for ages for big balloons, so was delighted to see them when she woke the next morning.

After some time dressing up in her new mouse onesie and using her 6 balloon as a lifebelt, she began the grand present opening and was delighted with her haul.

In the afternoon, we went to see Swan Lake at Chichester, then went to Wickes for imaginary shopping and play.  I kid you not, this is one of their favourite places to go at the moment!  I'm sure Sophia is planning for her future engineering/architecture/interior design career.

Then it was home for party tea and her rather unconventional birthday cake!  She wanted one without jam or cream or icing, so perused the shelves at Sainsbury's and chose a Madeira cake.

At the end of the week Uncle Paul had to go home, alas, so there were big goodbyes at the playground in, finally, some sunshine.

After dropping Paul at the station, we headed over to the Wildfowl and Wetland Trust at Arundel.

There were LEGO brick animals to spot, and lots more to see.  Sophia busily examined all the bug hotels to see if any of the tubes had been sealed up for winter.

Painting with reeds and muddy water was another fun occupation as we wandered round.

At the playground, Tatiana made it up to the top of the rope tower for the first time unaided and was very pleased with herself, while Lara shared her apple with a blackbird.

Sophia was delighted to see blue tits, her favourites, and took this photo.  A lovely end to her birthday week.

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