Time to Boost Your Happiness Levels

Did you know that every year millions upon millions is spent the world over on self-help books that try to teach us how to be happy? That’s right! It’s more productive to believe that happiness is not something that can be taught – but it is in fact, a state of mind. It’s one that we all aspire to – and with a little guidance, we can achieve it with simple yet effective steps.

Here we’ll take a look at some straightforward steps and ideas of how you can boost your happiness levels on a regular basis. But remember, if you feel you may need to speak to someone about feeling low then speak to someone close to you, or head to your local GP for some friendly, supportive advice.

Indulge Yourself

Yes, this one is a little materialistic and it’s not something everyone can do all the time; however, studies have shown that retail therapy is a genuine remedy when it comes to boosting our happiness levels. So, go on, treat yourself to that new dress, or head to danetti.com and transform your living room into the beautiful space you’ve always wanted.  Buy some new books to read, or perhaps a new laptop cover to house your favourite gadget, whatever floats your boat, is now boosting those happiness levels.

You need to remember, that this is a short-term solution to uplifting your mood and the trick here is to always make sure you budget your spending, and never make purchases that could be detrimental to your financial situation. In other words: be sensible!

Get Some Sleep

Easier said than done, especially if you have small children to care for. But studies have shown that our happiness levels are linked to how much sleep we get. So, when the kids are out of the house or having naps of their own – get in on the fun.

The housework can wait, and that pile of laundry will still be there when you wake up. You may find it difficult to sleep during the day – I know I do. So even just lying in bed and “switching off” for an hour or so can really boost your mood. Just get away from the TV and your phone if you can!

Discover Nature

There is something calming about nature – it has an almost magical way of soothing the soul. It’s true that your environment greatly effects your mood so now might be the time to get out of the city, get away from the four walls of your home and head out on that hike through the woods you’ve been meaning to do.

Listen to the singing of the birds, look in wonder at the beauty of nature, the smell of pine and fresh air – all these things can boost your mood. This solitary walk or hike gives you plenty of time to contemplate things and if you need to take the kids with you, then take a picnic and make it a regular thing for you all to enjoy.

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