Our Unschooled Week #37

We've had a bit of an up and down week, lots of argument and mood swings - I blame the supermoon!  Last Sunday was a rather lazy day, not even managing to drag ourselves across to church, just sleeping in, hanging out and reconnecting.  We headed out to a playground later in the afternoon to let off some steam and spent a while running, climbing, playing monsters, hide-and-seek etc.

Shark attack!

We had bigger plans for Monday, heading to a playground for a picnic before going to soft play.  But there was such a cold wind that the picnic fast turned into a car-nic, and the playground time was limited to running around with some dogs, before we hot-footed to the warmth of soft play.

The wind had dropped on Tuesday, thankfully, so our trip to Ashdown Forest in East Sussex was a great success.  The girls loved seeing Pooh Sticks Bridge for real, spotting Piglet and Owl's houses, finding the entrance to Rabbit's warren, and playing in all the water and mud.

Lara found a penny in the mud, which led into a conversation about Mudlarks and Victorian poverty, useful alongside the documentaries about Victorian England we have been watching on iPlayer recently (Jeremy Paxman - avoid episode 2 as not child-friendly - and Ian Hislop).

There was lots of hands-on science, with these spring shoots seeming to grow before our very eyes, intricate tiny cobwebs, mini-beasts aplenty, water beasties, and a plethora of different animal tracks to examine.

Balancing on logs across a ditch must meet some PE criteria, and there was more science to be seen in this fallen birds nest, so intricately constructed, ancient ferns, assorted animal homes, and hibernating ladybirds.

Our picnic was a bit chilly, but blankets, extra layers and a hot thermos helped!  Tatiana loved collecting lots of tiny pine cones for a future project - not sure what yet.

Ssshhhh!  We're sleeping.

Happy post-walk faces

On Wednesday, we stayed local and just walked and scooted to a nearby duck pond.

Thursday was fairly busy with taking Steve to a doctor's appointment, playing LEGO, playing doctors and vets, and then heading to after school club. The theme was love and family, and the girls enjoyed making hand print love plates, our family in paper dolls, and decorating cakes and biscuits, before having tea and playing games with their friends.

On Friday we watched the film Ballerina, then left a poorly-feeling Lara at home with Steve for the afternoon watching DinoTrucks (her latest obsession) and playing LEGO.  She is still messing about with her new camera and took some photos of the TV, her eye and the cats.

Meanwhile, Tatiana, Sophia and I visited our elderly neighbour, then went to a playground, followed by a café to warm up before doing a quick supermarket shop.

More rain today, so another fairly droopy day this Saturday.  We've played Lalaloopsies, LEGO, performed a ballet recital, made some musical instruments and planned more we want to make, and had a lengthy family meeting about starting topic-based learning.  And so to another week gone in a blur...

Hope you've had a good one, Lx

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