Our Unschooled Week #38

I'm all out of kilter at the moment, not knowing quite what month we're in, let alone day of the week!  (Hence such a late post.)  Life is a bit up and down at the moment, but we are fast trying to get back on an even keel and life, of course, goes on.  Although it was a bit of a shock to see so many school age children out yesterday, until it was pointed out to me that it's half-term already.  How do the weeks go so fast?!

Lara's biscuits

Having said that, it seems far longer than a week ago that we were at my mum's for a few days, the girls hanging out with their cousin to do some gingerbread decorating, play hide and seek, and generally have fun.  It's lovely that they get on so well together and enjoy one another's company.

Sophia's biscuits

Tatiana's biscuits

I mentioned recently that the girls were 'off' maths at the moment, so we left it, and this week they have been back with a vengeance, Lara especially.  Three digit numbers, fractions, sorting, time, decimals, negative numbers and more have all come into the week one way or another.  The other big theme of the week was history, with a trip to Warwick Castle inspiring lots of questions, investigations and discoveries.

Oops, in the stocks!  (Note Tatiana had to put her cup of tea down carefully before her imprisonment!)

The Horrible Histories maze was a great inspiration, covering several historical periods, including this fab Viking ship.  The girls loved the shields, symbols and objects like this great helmet.

Then we skipped through time to the Stuarts, evoking memories of the Gunpowder Plot work we did last year...

... quickly followed by the Normans with more fantastic artefacts to discover and examine.

After our Ramsgate trip last November, there has been much to learn about the First and Second World Wars, so this mini trench was of great interest, particularly to Lara and Sophia.

The Measly Middle Ages was last on our discovery, with these tricky witch scales to conquer, to prove that we should live and not be drowned - or worse!  Having a black cat at home, we were particularly at risk of course.

Then we were off to the castle itself, you can see how keen they were!

After lunch in the sun, we headed indoors to warm up and discovered suits of armour, including a child-size one, some beautiful tapestries and fabrics, and other artefacts such as Queen Elizabeth's saddle and the bed Queen Anne died in.  The girls were fascinated and full of questions and observations.

The Time Tower brought the history of the castle to life using actors as characters from its history, and this really engaged the girls and helped them connect with aspects of the past in a new way.  When we ventured back outside, they were keen to show their new-found knowledge in describing the various parts of the castle and what happened where.

The other side of the river was closed when we visited, but the girls are very keen to go back when the weather's better to see the trebuchet in action, and possibly some jousting too.

We finished our day having tea and cake with some beautiful peacocks, who happily munched leftover sprouts and seeds from our hands.

We have also been spotting happy signs of spring this week, with the occasional sunny day and blue sky making everything seem a little better, not to mention all the gorgeous flowers popping up, we even have some daffodils already.

Later in the week, the girls had a short car mechanics lesson from Daddy, on our way to soft play.

We also visited the fantastic hands-on Play Gallery at Gosport Art Gallery (on till 17th March).  This interactive exhibition is designed to introduce children to art using a brilliant interactive and sensory-rich display and plethora of objects.  The girls loved it, although the staff could do with a bit more training in being child-friendly, particularly autism-friendly, alas.

Although they are gallery old hands, our girls loved the opportunity to explore colour, shape, form, action and reaction, texture and design in a different and very hands-on way.  Lara, especially, benefitted from the exploration.  We definitely need a sensory room when we move!

What happens if I combine coloured filters?

"Look at this beautiful statue, Mummy!"

Another wonderful week! Lx

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