Our Unschooled Week #39

Well, we've had a bit of a pants week altogether!  I'm not sure if it was the bad weather, the cold, some very bad news, or life in general, but probably a combination of all three, and it was not good.  The girls weren't particularly interested in going out, even when the sun shone, as it was so cold, so we spent a lot of time at home.  I think we're all fed up with winter now, especially as usually by now it's getting a lot warmer down here on the coast.  Hopefully soon!

So, what did we do?!  We've started some topic-based learning, using The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch collection of books as inspiration for maths, literacy, arts and crafts, history and science.  I'll have to write it all up at some point.  It has been nice for me to get back into topic-based studies, as it was out of vogue again by the time I left teaching, but I definitely think it's a more inspiring way to learn, and to teach.

Other than that, we've been Play-Dohing, LEGO-ing, Playmobil-ing, setting up games of vets and hospitals, learning phrases and words from various languages, and painting, a lot.

ON Wednesday we went to After School Club, in the driving rain!, where Lara made a new friend, and built some wonderful LEGO constructions with her.  She really didn't want to leave this one bed=hind, so we had to take lots of photos!

We learnt different brush techniques and styles this week, and experimented with painting on canvas as well as paper.

Playing vets, animal rescue people and zoo keepers is an on-going theme, with different pets being central each day.

One afternoon, the girls kidnapped the camera and went on a photo spree, capturing more than 200 images.  Here are a few highlighting the different games they had set up that day.

We had the sad news this week that beloved Missy and Willis, the girls' aunt's dogs, had passed away.  The girls were very sad and we had lots of tears.  They decided to make these lovely cards for her and dictated some lovely messages to go inside, bless them.

Sophia and Tatia keep reminiscing about Willis having a lazy moment and peeing on the path, rather than taking an extra two steps to the grass! And Lara and Sophia fondly remember Missy following them round, just in case they should drop a bit of biscuit or something.  Sad, sad news about two beautiful doggies.

Hoping next week will be better, this blue sky today promises much...

How has your week been? Lx

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