Up Your Mum Glam Game with These Quick and Easy Tips!

Being a mum is the best job in the world. But working hard to maintain happy, healthy kids and a happy home can take its toll on you. Whether it’s finding the time to jump in the shower, wash your hair, or just wear something other than your old jeans and that baby food stained top, you can be forgiven for thinking that your glamourous and dressing-up days are gone…

But don’t despair! Did you know that there are ways you can inject a spot of glamour into your everyday life without breaking the bank, spending all morning doing your hair or risking your favourite dress while you change a dirty nappy? Put away that dry shampoo and read on to find out more!

Teeth Whitening

The only expensive solution on our list – getting your teeth whitened is a pretty much instant way of boosting your glamour and you won’t help but smile! If tooth whitening is something that you would consider, then always head to a dental practice to have this done and avoid a cheaper alternative at a beauty salon that could be risky. Whether it’s a company (based in Dublin) who offer teeth whitening or a dental practice that specialises in cosmetic procedures, always check the reviews first!

Pucker Up

I know it can be a miracle to be even dressed when you head out on the school run, so having a full face of makeup can seem like a little bit of a challenge. So instead, why not opt for a bright red lipstick for the afternoon pick up? If you have pale, pinky skin then go for more of a subtle hue, if you have darker, tanned skin then have fun with bolder shades! You’ll look amazing!

Your Shoes

I don’t know about you, but my days of towering around in six-inch stilettos are long gone! Switching up your pair of regular flats for a sweet kitten heel or even a nice court shoe will instantly make you feel glamourous. You’ll elongate your legs and your walk will instantly change too – you’ll still be able to chase after the kids too!

Add Some Sparkle

You know that jewellery box you have that only gets opened when you’re heading out for a rare meal out with your partner? Now is the time to get it open and break out that jewellery. Don’t be afraid to glam your outfit up. Who says that a large, oversized necklace, dangly earrings and bangles don’t go with your everyday jeans and blouse? There are no rules!

Something a Little Special

When was the last time you wore that lacy lingerie? Who cares if it’s under your regular clothes. Feeling glamourous doesn’t always mean you have to pile on the makeup! Wearing something like beautiful lingerie that is just for you, is enough to give you a confidence boost. Just knowing how amazing you look underneath your regular clothes will give you a great lift!

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