Lara's 8th Birthday

Somehow or another, my baby girl turned eight a couple of weeks ago and, although our original plans had to be postponed till later in the year, she had a wonderful weekend.

We headed up to my mum's for a couple of days where the girls played with their cousins (endless games of hide and seek!), made various crafts including these cute peg doll mermaids, and had a wonderful time.  As adults, we so often over-complicate and over-think what children need to be happy, it's useful to be reminded of the simple things sometimes.

The mermaid guarded Lara's present mountain, which she excitedly dove into the next morning!  There was a definite pug theme to her gifts, with a book, sandwich bag, a cushion, a purse, a bath plug, and various other things all emblazoned with her favourite doggies.

Lara's beloved Sylvanian Families weren't forgotten, with assorted doctor, dentist and nurse sets added to her collection, and a fantastic new car for her favourite family to drive.  She finally got the Chihuahua babies she has been desperate for too, so was delighted.

After playing for a while, we headed out to the playground with cousins, where a friendly couple let the children play with their real pugs - quite the highlight of Lara's day!

Back at Nanny's it was all about nail painting, with quite a queue forming for Lara's salon.  She painted Sophia's, Tatiana's, mine, Steve's, my mum's, Mya's and Johnny's nails and was very pleased with her handiwork.

Nanny admires her manicure

After a pizza party tea with my sister-in-law and her daughter, it was time for cake!  Lara was so pleased with it all, she made the ten of us sing Happy Birthday, and blew out her candles, three times.  Lots of wishes!

Happy birthday, my funny, clever, beautiful, wonderful girl! xxx

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