Our Unschooled (Few) Weeks #40

Goodness, how long is it since I wrote one of these?!  I've been suffering with another bout of labyrinthitis which started just after Lara's birthday weekend, so have just been trying my best to stay upright and not throw up, so not a great deal else has happened.  Steve doesn't drive so is limited to taking the girls out locally only, although most of the time it has been too cold or too wet for them to want to do much.  Although snow and massive puddles have their appeal too, of course!

It's so warm and sheltered down here between the South Downs and Selsey Bill that we rarely get snow.  Tatiana had never seen it at all, and Lara and Sophia only once, so they were delighted to get out and play in the little bit we did have.  Lara's sensory issues overcame her desire to play in the snow very quickly though, unfortunately.  But the other two had a great time, heading out to play in it several times a day.

Indoors, the most popular activities were making cosy forts, making dolls houses, Sylvanian Families and Playmobil (often combined!), and building with our collection of wooden blocks, which are currently enjoying a revival.  Tatiana spent ages creating this train and playing with it.

Our studies based around The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch have continued, albeit at a rather slow pace!  The girls devised a data study to find out people's favourite foods, and we asked lots of Facebook chums for their choices, then created a tally chart and graph, which they drew conclusions from, found averages and more.  Curry and roast dinner tied, with chocolate close behind.  I loved that the girls saw no difference between fruit, pizza, toast and a roast dinner!

We watched a food safety video I had from teaching days, then wrote instructions for an alien to make sandwiches, having made our own lunchtime ones.  Then the Sylvanians were taught all about cooking and food safety.

Having seen the roads being salted when it was cold, Lara wanted to conduct an ice experiment.  She put salt on one side of the frozen water in their sand and water tray outside, and hot water on the other, then observed what happened over different time periods.  She was amazed to see that even two days later the salt side had not frozen up again, although the hot water side was rock solid.

Tempers have been very short recently, probably because we haven't been able to go out and do as much as we normally do, I've been out of the picture quite a lot, and other aspects of life have been tricky. Steve took the girls to After School Club, and they have played out a few times with the neighbours' children, but there have been lots of upsets, lots of snuggles, and lots of time with the kitties.  Lara has taken dozens of photos, mostly of her sisters and beloved Taya.

I have been mostly sitting or lying down, covered in cats!

Thankfully, the temperature has gone back up now so the girls and Steve have been out for walks, to playgrounds and to the beach.  On a recent foray, a large piece of driftwood was turned into a piece of art.

We said a sad goodbye to our old friend, Dimi.  Yes, only a lump of metal but there are many happy memories tied up in this little car.  We were all sad to see him go to car heaven.

Disney Princesses are a big deal again at the moment, particularly with long Rapunzel-like hair, so we have been fashioning luscious locks!

My beautiful middle girl

The gorgeous black boy turned 9, happy birthday Mishka!

And somehow my first babies turned 11!
Here's Yuri enjoying having his own bachelor pad 😉

And finally, a few more pics...

I am starting to feel a little better, with at least a bit of space between the wobbles.  I even ventured out on Thursday, to the excitement of Sainsbury's, so hopefully normal service will be resumed soon!

Hope you're having a good month - how on earth is it March already?! Take care, Lx

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