The Best Car Shades when Travelling with a Baby

Sunshine is a wonderful thing, but the harmful effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays are also well documented. Skin cancer, suppression of the immune system, corneal damage and sunburn are just a few of the more well-known harmful side effects of UV rays.

This is where sun shades come in. Sun shades are protective shields which are fixed on the windscreen and windows of your car. Since we spend long hours in the car, it makes sense to protect ourselves, as well as our family (particularly the young ones) from prolonged exposure to the sun – especially during summer months.

But what type of sun shade should you be getting for your car? Let’s explore the four popular types of sun shades available in the market today.

Window tints

A window tint is a thin layer of laminate film used to coat the surface of windows and windscreens. The film is made from plastic polymer resin (frequently polyethylene terephthalate) which is capable of filtering the majority of UV, infrared and visible lights that passes through it. But the film can significantly reduce visibility at night time and low light conditions. Since this is a permanent fix, this option should only be used in areas with regular sun – probably around southern England. However, there are several varieties of semi-permanent films which can be fixed and taken off at will (but just one use), so this is a good option for summer use.

Static or suction cling shades

These are portable shades that can be affixed to windows using either plastic suction cups or static power. They are every convenient, but not so good in terms of efficiency as sunlight can go through the gaps. They are usually made using dark see through mesh.

Pull down shades

These sun shades function like the window shades at home. You simply pull them down to block the sun. There are a few varieties, but the car roller blinds version appears to be the most popular due to their ease of use. Simply affix the plastic rod at the top of your car windows, and you’re done. You can pull them down or roll them up depending on the weather. Keep in mind though that the roller blinds can swing out and hit you or your passengers when you make sharp turns or sudden stops – so drive carefully.

Pop out shades

These are foldable shades that come with wire frames. To use, simply open them up and affix to the window using the attached suction cups. They are frequently rectangular shaped, and have silvery reflective surfaces. Pop out shades are actually the best for windscreens and can be a godsend in car parks during hot summer months.

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