Our Easter

Having got back from our Blackpool holiday via Alton Towers and a stay in Stoke-on-Trent, we were hoping for a quiet week, but had somehow overlooked Easter being within a few days of our return.  On Good Friday, the girls were excited to meet Auntie Kim and Uncle Simon's new foster dog, Felix, who was a delight.

Apparently the previous people thought he wasn't good with children...

We also went to After School Club at church to do crafts, decorate cakes and biscuits and enjoy a last mini children's service with our dear Father Andrew, before his retirement.

On Easter Saturday we made some more crafts, made Easter biscuits and went on a daffodil walk where Lara wanted to take lots of photos of her new Honia and Elsia dolls.

In the evening we went to the beach to see if we could see the Easter Bunny coming.  This may have worked a little too well, as a very excited Lara was up at 4am on Easter Sunday to see if he had been!  Thankfully, EB had obliged and there was a very productive Easter egg hunt, as well as some presents from Mummy and Daddy.

Unfortunately, Steve had to go to work which meant lots of tears from the girls.  We definitely need to make sure he has the day off next year!  With all the rain, we didn't do much during the day, except for playing with Lara's present - a collection of 1970s dolls house furniture I bought on eBay a couple of years ago.  She has long coveted mine, so was delighted to have her own.

In the afternoon, we played some board games and watched some films before having a yummy roast dinner, the girls' current favourite meal. We then headed to my mum's on Easter Monday in lots of horrid rain and traffic, although another Easter egg hunt did help to cheer everyone up!

How was your Easter?

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