Our Unschooled Week #42

At the end of the Easter weekend we went to my mum's, much to this little chap's disgust.  He'd had Nanny-sitting for a week while we were in Blackpool, then a few days of us back, and now we were off again.  Harrumph!  Poor Misha.

At my mum's we headed to LEGOLAND in nearby Windsor for the last day of our Merlin annual passes.  There were lots of beautiful spring flowers dotted around Miniland, and new round the world and USA areas to explore.

I loved this St Basil's Cathedral made of LEGO and the lovely yellow krushchevka building behind it, just like the one I used to live in in Moscow.

I had to get a photo of these gorgeous blonde curls before they possibly disappear.  My beautiful baby.

The girls were delighted to find the LEGO Friends in both brick and human form, although their show doesn't re-start for a few weeks yet.  Lots of photo posing!

There was an altered cold weather/cold water version of the pirate show though, so we watched that - and then more posing with the pirate captains.

There always seems to be something new we haven't noticed or seen before at LEGOLAND, this time a criminal board (there probably is a real name for this, but hey) in the Duplo playground, which the girls found hilarious, and the puppet theatre in the Duplo area which we hadn't really stopped at before.

Back at home there wasn't much time to rest still as we were off to Drusilla's Park to see Owlette and Catboy from PJ Masks.  Tatiana is a HUGE fan, and we had kept the appearance as a surprise,so she was giddy with excitement when she saw Owlette.

Then her favourite Catboy appeared and she was beside herself!  "Catboy!! Oh my gosh, let's go!!!!"  He was brilliant, offering cuddles, tickles and covering their eyes to say boo and make them laugh.  Just brilliant, Tatia is full of it still.

Drusilla's was busier than we have ever known it before, but we managed to go the opposite way about to most people to avoid the crowds, which worked, thankfully!  We tried being monkeys, saw all sorts of glorious animals, and delighted in the anteaters and flamingos.

Lara being a Fennec fox, above, and the real cuddly, gorgeous little things below.

We walked with lemurs and fed pretty lorikeets, which Sophia and Tatiana loved.

A quick stop at the raccoons and we were back to the playground, where the girls instantly made new friends to play with, as ever!

On Thursday, we finally went to see the Peter Rabbit film, which was brilliant.  Not sure why it has been slated, then came home to catch up with Sophia's favourite show, The Durrells.  She then spent ages trying out her Margo look!

Finally, a trip to the Wildfowl and Wetland Trust at Arundel where we searched for signs of spring in buds, bugs and birds.

Turning up these logs to look for mini-beasts is always a favourite activity, lots of worms, slugs, centipedes and millipedes this time.

Monkey got an Easter crown, and we spotted a few clutches of ducklings.  Not too many babies yet, it's been too cold, but lots and lots of nest building going on, so not long now!

We didn't find a great deal in pond dipping either, probably because the water is still too cold.  Next time!

Monkey managed to lose her Easter crown, but got some serious bling on when we got home, before settling down to watch the new Boss Baby series on Netflix.

Have a good week!

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