Our Unschooled Week #45

A fairly quiet week for us, with just a few days at my mum's and then lots of sorting out to do at home.  On Sunday the girls were determined to have the paddling pool out in the sunshine, despite the downturn in temperature, and made the most of playing in the garden with their cousins and friends.

Steve was practicing his (non-existent) juggling skills for a job I'm doing, so Lara thought she'd show him how it's done by balancing a plate on her nose...

On Monday, we went down to the river Thames at Bourne End for a rather breezy walk, the wind was blowing straight down the river it seemed, brr.

We then headed to a favourite playground by the river at Maidenhead, which has a great sandpit, where Tatiana was delighted to discover a watermelon ice lolly, although not as good as the real thing she reports.

On Tuesday, we bought breakfast pastries and took them to some lovely woods in Amersham for a picnic amongst the bluebells.  There were exciting fallen trees to clamber on, dogs to chat to, and a playground to head to afterwards too.  We were busy spotting new leaves, identifying trees, insects and wild flowers, a lovely morning.

Since then we've had a few down days.  Sophia and Lara have got spring colds and haven't wanted to do much, so there has been lots of Lego, play dough etc, including the brilliant Tech Will save Us Avengers kit.  The only major thing that has happened is Sophia and Steve sorting out the balcony which had been suffering from severe winter neglect.

Lara has loved learning basic electronics with this kit, a really fun introduction to the subject.  Lots of reading, mostly about animals, some cooking, and a few documentaries have completed our week's learning.  A fairly chilled out one all round.

Hope you've had a good week, Lx

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