Grow Your Own Veg with innocent

innocent are well know for their smoothies and drinks packed full of fruit and veg, so they are the ideal partners for Grow It Yourself this spring.  As you know, we are keen gardeners and love getting the girls involved in growing produce, even in our tiny patch. so we were delighted to be asked to help promote the innocent Big Grow.

Research shows that kids who experience growing their own fruit and veg are far more likely to build life-long, healthy eating habits.  After all, who can resist trying the delicious food they have grown with their own efforts?  It's a great way to get children involved in gardening and, if you start with something fast growing, such as salad crops, they can see the plants grow, and get their hands on the goods within just a few short weeks.

Innocent have teamed up with Grow It Yourself to encourage kids to get growing in schools across the country, so they can experience that invaluable connection with growing your own food and make the connection to where our food comes from.  Teachers can apply for free growing kits and find lesson plans online then share their results on social media to win fantastic prizes.  Check out #BigGrow on social media to see how the children are getting on.

Sophia was delighted to get her hands on a growing opportunity and got stuck in with gusto.  I think her favourite part was pouring the water on the dried compost disc which expanded to fill the entire mug.  She then crumbled up the compost and put it into an empty smoothie carton, before adding her peas and pushing them below the surface.  She was surprised that we were growing peas from peas, having expected to find something that looked more like seeds in the packet.

Sophia happily planted her peas and watered them every day, she even talked to them, but alas our first lot didn't take.  We're now waiting on the second lot, and can report one sprout as of yesterday!  I will update when we have more significant shoots...

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