Our Unschooled Week+ #46

So nice to have decent weather at last!  We've certainly made the most of it this past week or so, we've hardly been at home!

Formally, there has been lots of work on pulleys, creating a model to see how escalators and conveyor belts work, going on a pushes and pulls walk to talk about forces, and investigating the spectrum and refraction of light after Sophia caught a rainbow on her hand.  Outdoors, we have covered lots and lots of science too.  Read on!

Sophia and Tatiana have rejoiced in the new playground that has opened on the sea front here in sunny Bognor Regis, and played outside lots with the neighbours kids.  Tatiana made this delicious chocolate bark with leftover Easter eggs, a great way to learn about states of matter!

Thursday was after school club at church.  Steve took the girls while I worked, and they made lots of wonderful crafts and creations and caught up with friends.

On Saturday we headed over to the New Forest, to a favourite playground, into the forest, and to picnic, play and paddle at the river at Brockenhurst.

At home the current obsession is studying any mini-beasts they can find on the balcony, so far we have had woodlice, worms, ants and slugs as pets.

On Sunday we went to Ramster Gardens with my friend Danielle and her boys.  The spring flowers and shrubs were in abundance.

The girls loved all the flowers and plants, as well as wandering about exploring these beautiful gardens.

Lots of bud, seed and flower investigations.

Lara was trying to catch newts in the pond, but didn't succeed unfortunately.  Next time!

On Monday we went to the Wildfowl and Wetland Trust at Arundel, where there was more hands-on science with goslings, eggs, nests, pond dipping and more.  Still no newt though!!

And finally, today.  Another lovely hot day, although the wind is starting to pick up here on the coast.  We went to Canoe Lake at Southsea which has a great playground and splash park area, perfect for a picnic.

Then time for some tree climbing.

Just round the corner is Portsmouth's Natural History Museum at Cumberland House, which has dinosaurs, birds, animals, a glassed-in apiary full of busy bees, microscopes, and lots of hands-on stuff.

I think playing, splashing, then puzzle making wore someone out!

Hope you've been enjoying the sunshine! Lx

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