Spring at WWT Arundel

The Wildfowl and Wetland Trust at Arundel is one of our favourite local days out.  It's WWT's smallest site so easily covered in a day, yet teeming with many varieties of wildfowl, and plenty to do.

At this time of year there are fluffy babies everywhere, making it the ideal time to visit with children. Not many can resist cooing over these little balls of fluff, just make sure you leave them plenty of space and don't touch, ever.  These Grey Lag Goose chicks were busy picking tiny insects out of the grass.

More goslings, this time Canada Geese, who had found a lovely clear pool to sit in on a hot day.

At weekends and during the school holidays there are regular pond dipping sessions.  Not much to be found on such a hot sunny day though, just a few bloodworms, a sludgeworm and several water snails.  Lara's mission to catch a newt continues!

The reedbed walk is one of our favourite places, with beautiful views, the gentle swishing of the reeds and, if you're quiet enough, plenty of birds to spot, possible even a water vole.

More goosey families back on the main path.  We didn't see any mallard families this time, but there will be plenty more over the next few weeks.  Visit during half-term for New Life Week (26 May - 3 June) when there will be plenty of babies to see, wandering wardens to guide you, and a Wetlands Buskers trolley roaming around teaching you about eggs, feathers, flight and nests.

The resident moorhen in the reed bed area was still adding to her nest, while some were sitting very expectantly on theirs.  Hopefully this Trumpeter Swan won't have long to wait for her brood.

Yet more Grey Lag goslings.

If you want to see some gorgeous fluffy chicks, this Nene suggests you hot foot it down to WWT Arundel over the next few weeks.   There are two play areas, several picnic spots, a wetland boat safari, and plenty of quiet paths to wander down spotting wildlife and admiring the Sussex views.  Kids Crafts are available during holidays and some weekends too.

WWT Arundel is situated at Mill Road, Arundel and is open from 9.30am 364 days a year.  Prices are £13 for an adult, £7 for children aged 4+, £34 for a family of 4.  The cafĂ© is open daily, serving a good selection of home-cooked meals and cakes, but there are lots of great places to eat a picnic too.

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