The Effects of Light on Young Children's Sleep

New research has found that pre-school children are particularly sensitive to the stimulating effect of bright light in the evenings, and that bright lights can badly affect the quality of their sleep.

Researchers measured the Melatonin levels in a group of children aged 3 to 5 who followed a regular sleep schedule for five days.  On the sixth day, the children spent the day in a dimly lit environment, while on the seventh day they were exposed to bright light in the hour before bedtime.  After each of these the children's melatonin levels were measured, and it was found that the bright light exposure suppressed melatonin by almost 90 percent.  Even 50 minutes after the light was gone, most of the children were still not back to 50 percent of the melatonin levels seen the day before.

From this study it seems that young children are more sensitive than adults to light exposure.  This is because their lenses are a lot clearer and their pupils larger, which combine to allow more light to hit the retina and therefore create a stronger signal to the body clock.

"About 30 percent of young children experience some type of evening sleep disturbance so parents should avoid exposing their children to bright light and then immediately transitioning to darkness at bedtime. We need to understand the effects of bright lights on children and how they can affect sleep; sleep problems that develop early in childhood can persist later in life and have a multitude of negative consequences."

This research supports the key premise for the Lumie Bedbug, a sleep aid for children 0-6 years old.  Unlike other nursery lights on the market, the Bedbug uses low-blue light LEDs, helping create a calm, low light environment before bed.  This helps to create a calm environment that will help your child to feel sleepy and have a good night’s sleep.

The Lumie Bedbug is a 3-in-1 sleep aid that combines a reading light with a sunset feature and nightlight. The fully adjustable low-blue light allows for a level of brightness that’s comfortable to read by, without stimulating your child while the 15-minute sunset is perfect for creating a gradual transition to night that can either fade to off or to a reassuring orange (not red which some children find scary) nightlight with two light intensity options.

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