Get Outdoors with the New Chad Valley Summer Range

We're delighted to be working with Argos again this summer to showcase the brilliant new Chad Valley summer range.  Summer is the perfect time to throw the doors open and get outside and with a new selection of toys in the garden and to take to the park or the beach, your kids will be chomping at the bit to get out!

The new range of outdoor toys is suitable for ages 2-9 and features a wide range of inflatables, water toys and pools, and bigger items such as a mud kitchen, bouncy castle or playhouse.  Whether your child wants to drive, swing, jump or slide, or to have more sedate adventures, there is something for everyone.

The girls were sent the Chad Valley Farm House which they are delighted with as they have been after one for ages.  Big enough for all three of them to fit inside, the farm house has become the basis of lots of role play stories and adventures.  It also folds away easily after play, so can fit back in the shed or garage after use, rather than staying out and getting brittle or faded by the sun.  It could be used indoors too, perhaps in the corner of a playroom.

The girls love the opening door and shutters and the two separate outdoor areas perfect for corralling a farm full of cuddly horses!  We loved how easy it is to assemble, and how quickly the girls could get playing.  Not too much waiting for it to come out of the box!

They fully embraced all the role play possibilities that their new house offered, even getting some 'washing' hung out - spot the grubby socks!  They happily fill the house with drinks, snacks, cushions and blankets and enact all sorts of tales out there.

We were also sent some water toys to play with, including the Chad Valley Pool Set with Spray Turtle.  This was Tatiana's choice as turtles and tortoise are one of her favourite things at the moment, and she loved the idea of the turtle spraying water everywhere!

The pool also comes with a coral reef to play with and is great fun, but the pool is rather small.  It's definitely more of a toddler size, although Tatiana and Sophia love playing with the turtle sprayer on its own, currently one of their favourite activities, as well as being in the pool.

The third toy the girls received is the Chad Valley Hydro Hop Water Sprayer which you fill partly with water, inflate the top part, then attach to a garden hose to become a water-activated spinner for children to jump over and through the spray.  This is great fun, and perfect for hot days when they need to cool down fast.

The girls love all three of their toys and, for not a great deal of money, they could have a whole summer of outdoor play and lots and lots of fun.

We love Chad Valley toys as they are excellent value for money yet still durable and high quality.  Argos have such an extensive range of Chad Valley toys to choose from that there is something for all kids, whatever their tastes and interests.  Best of all the toys are all designed for imaginative play, not a screen in sight!  Perfect for our philosophy of keeping childhood special with imaginative play and outdoor play.

The whole Chad Valley range offers more than 400 toys for babies, toddlers and kids, and has been developed with imaginative play in mind.  You can see the full Chad Valley summer range here.

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