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1 in 9 British children have not visited a beach, park or forest in the past year.  On average, UK kids play outside for just 4 hours a week. Many cannot identify common insects and flowers. What is going on?!

These shocking findings from new research make us wonder how many children are outside jumping in muddy puddles, exploring the beach, turning over logs to see who lives underneath, or simply sitting making daisy chains.  How many pick buttercups, watch bees, or marvel at beetles?

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    Research conducted by Sudocrem found that children are spending a shocking 45 hours a week in front of a screen of some description, and only 4 hours outdoors.  Getting wildlife presenter and naturalist Chris Packham onboard, they carried out further research on the relationship between children and insects.

    Play More ambassador Chris's fascination with the world of mini-beasts is well known, his own childhood discoveries most evocatively described in his memoir.  He is a great advocate of parents encouraging their children to explore the natural environment around them:

    "I was very fortunate when I was a child because I was encouraged to interact with the outdoors - looking under rocks and searching under logs and hedges to find creepy crawlies. If you just open your eyes, you’ll see that there is an incredible natural world out there waiting to be discovered." 

    The research found that 89% of children aged 4-8 could not recognise a butterfly, 51% did not know what a bumblebee looks like, and 29% didn't know that bees make honey.  Children are also missing out on adventures and outdoor play, with 59% never having climbed a tree.  Flowers were also a mystery to many, with the majority not being able to identify a buttercup or even a sunflower.

    Inspired by the findings, Sudocrem have set up the award-winning Play More campaign, an initiative designed to encourage children, and their parents, to get back in touch with nature.  As part of the campaign they are encouraging parents to nominate a nursery to win money to regenerate their playground, or have a mural painted by award-winning artist, Joy Pirkle.  You can see some of the hundreds of UK nurseries they have already helped here.

    Playing outdoors and marvelling at the natural world and all its wonders used to be part of childhood, but is it now part of some nostalgic past like Famous Five picnics with austerity era sandwiches and lashings of ginger beer?

    Children today are spending more time indoors, missing out on exploring the natural world and everything it has to offer, but we can all help to reverse this trend.  There are so many ways to get kids outside exploring, discovering, learning, and this great Play More My Little Adventure Pack from Sudocrem will certainly inspire them.  Let's get outside!

    The kit includes:
    • Play More t-shirt
    • Play More sun hat
    • Bug Pot
    • Frisbee
    • Butterfly Net
    • Magnifying glass
    • Trowel or fork

    If you would like to win this great kit, just enter via the Rafflecopter below.  Only one entry is required to be in with a chance, but the more times you enter the greater your chances of winning!  And don't forget to come back each day for our free daily entry and to send out the competition tweet.

    And don’t forget to also nominate a deserving nursery to win support for playground regeneration or a mural.

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    Fill the 6 week summer holiday with these 30 free activities
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