9 Reasons to Choose Artificial Grass

Have you seen these photos of the UK after all the dry weather we have had? With all the sunshine and lack of rain, the country is fast becoming a sandy-coloured desert of straw. But if your neighbour's garden looks as good as ever, they may be keeping a secret: artificial grass.

More and more people are waking up to the versatile uses of artificial grass and it is becoming increasingly common in back gardens, roof terraces, balconies, playgrounds and more. Artificial grass has evolved and is now so similar to real grass that you'll be hard-pushed to tell the difference. Whether you want to create an immaculate ornamental lawn, replace your tired decking or just create a low-maintenance, hassle-free space, read on for 10 reasons why artificial grass is a good idea.

1. It never dies!

No risk of parched summer straw in your garden! With the on-going reality of global warming, it's likely we will have more long hot summers in the UK. If you don't want to have to tend to a recovering lawn each autumn, artificial could be the way to go. No more brown patches where everyone walks or the garden furniture drags.

Leading artificial grass supplier NeoGrass also offer Instant Recovery® Technology, a unique blend of nylon and polypropylene fibres that makes their grass 33% stronger than normal artificial grass. It also ensures the fibres remain vertical and spring back to their original position every time footfall or garden furniture pushes it down.

2. No more watering

Artificial grass stays just as it is, no turning brown, no bare patches that need re-sowing and watering in, no worries about hosepipe bans or water bills. Your grass will always look its best and you'll have more time to relax and enjoy it.

3. No more mowing

The number one reason for most people who install artificial grass. Mowing the lawn is high up there in the most-loathed-chores list; imagine never having to do it ever again. (Just pay heed to the recent episode of Not Going Out where Lee accidentally mowed his father-in-law's new artificial lawn!) More space in your shed, more time sitting in a deckchair admiring your perfectly trimmed lawn.

With no mowing and no watering you will have more free time - the perfect excuse to sit back with a glass of something cold and enjoy your garden, rather than feeling obliged to work in it.

4. It's weed-free

Forever! No more weeds, no more scratchy patches of grass that just don't grow properly. No more differences between the areas of lawn that are in the sun or in the shade. No need for weed killer or fertiliser.

5. No more hayfever

Grass pollen is one of the key causes of hayfever and other allergies. With artificial grass there is no pollen, it's completely non-allergenic and safe for everyone to use. No more sitting indoors with the windows closed waiting for autumn, you can get outside and enjoy the balmy evenings and barbecues with everyone else.

6. It's great for kids

Artificial grass is perfect for children to play on and can even have shock absorbent material placed underneath to protect against falls. There have been concerns in the past about how hot artificial grass can get, but NeoGrass FeelGood® Technology repels the sun's rays, keeping it cooler than other brands.

And don't forget, there's no chance of it getting scuffed in their favourite place for the goalie too. Plus no more grass-stained knees and clothes, and no more muddy footprints trailing from the back door all the way upstairs to their bedrooms.

7. It's pet-friendly

Ditto for muddy paws.  Contrary to popular belief, artificial grass is great for pets. Durable and hardwearing it will withstand running, jumping, playtime and even toileting - urine soaks through and solids can be easily lifted up then rinsed with water.  Dogs and cats will love how soft artificial grass is on their paws, but do keep an eye on rabbits and guinea pigs should they get peckish!

8. You can enjoy it year round

Grass is notorious for only looking great for a few weeks of the year, without constant maintenance anyway. Too much rain, too little rain, too much sun, too little sun, grass is seriously pernickety. In contrast, artificial grass looks at its best all year round. NeoGrass offer a 10 year guarantee on all their products, and life expectancy is even longer, so you will have a lush lawn for years to come.

9. It's versatile

Ideal for play areas, swimming pool surrounds, balconies and roof terraces, artificial grass can even be used indoors. Create a fun - and soft - play space for the kids, the ideal place to play with dinosaurs, animals or dolls, a grassy play space is perfect for younger children too as its cushioned nature will minimise the impact of any trips or falls.
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